How does Reiki symbols on paper work

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Hello and Namaste to all of you here. I am very grateful of you to be here and sharing experiences with me and many other energies here. I am really happy to feel the Aura of so many lively and positive energies, and just am great to have you here on this site.

Friends, as you all know that here at Reiki Energy Healers, we keep on working on many things and sharing our experiences with you and all. I am sure that they will be of use for yourself and many others, so I am here sharing you our latest new findings.

We have been getting different people with different issues. We have been doing healings, but at frequent intervals, they get slight financial issues or have some relation problems coming to them, making their life uneasy. After doing some research on it we tried some experiments and make symbols on paper and some crystals to see for how long they can work. We also charged those papers and crystal after making symbols on them. After making different symbols and giving them to different people, we were really happy to see the results.

The paper we made symbols for good finances, had started showing positive results from next day, and the personal relationship symbol also started working from 2nd day. One of the health symbol also showed good result on a skin problem, which was a tough task. The Power symbol given to one helped working with more energy, without getting tired till the late evening. However, we must remember this one small thig, that Reiki symbols can only be drawn by any pre attuned Reiki healer or a Reiki Master. Without being attuned, if we use Reiki symbols, we might end up using our energy, while during training, we are taught, on how to use Universal energy, how to reflect and how to disconnect. Without the complete procedure, it could harm you.

Now we are getting some different symbols on a small cardboard sheet and getting it laminated in a good quality, which can be kept in pockets or wallets. These cards with symbols need to be charged by any Reiki Master, so that they work a lot better. I have seen it working and just wish you all to get the good and positive energies in life for a better life ahead.

Thank you all for sharing and helping other fellow energies.

Love and Light to you and yours.

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