How can we ask the universe and get everything we want?

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Dear all, I am thankful to you all for your queries and messages, which help me work on newer content for the site. I am sure you all know that your queries help you and many many other energies as well. I am often ask on how to make powerful affirmations, or ask universe and get anything? I always answer this in very simple way, that Universe has only one answer to all your requests. and it is YES !!

Then the next question some to me is that why their wishes are never fulfilled, while others are happy or get all they want? To this question, I usually smile and answer that you must understand that Universe / God/ Angels have only one reply or answer to your prayers…, YES !! Now, this make the people sort of crazy or angry on me, as how is it quite possible?

Well, what and how do we ask? We normally ask that we should have *******, ********, ******* (stars represent our wishes), or we at times say we should not be sad, angry, poor, in pain etc etc. Remember and keep one point in mind. We all are a simple creation of Universe, and we all are same for God or universe. Therefore, we have to avoid using NO / NOT while praying or asking for our wishes to be fulfilled. My students and others come to me and ask, for how to do a successful or good healing for fever or any other issue. I always tell them to avoid using the name of the health issue and make sentences in a altogether different way. For example, I would say that ***** (person having high fever) is enjoying party with his family members and is loving it. I would also visualize the same while doing healing for him / her. Now, I would like you to notice that I ignored the lower frequency word {fever or any other sickness name) and using high frequency words with a totally different approach. The person will only enjoy party, if their health allows, thus if I work on partying, the person will have to be fine.

Similarly, while we are working on any relationship, I always that this receiver is having a great love filled happy married / relationship life. This simply can help you understand that we only have to think good and be on higher frequency, all the time. Anyway, if any of you have any other doubt or query, reach out to me and make the best out of life.

If you are losing out of your game called life, Win it, with Vineet

Thanks, Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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