Finding lost energies, by matching and tracing Aura using Reiki

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Fellow energies, we are grateful for your confidence and faith on Reiki Healing Energy and the trust on us, which is helping us in our ongoing and new Reiki healings. We have been working on many Reiki Healings, and most of them are coming up with faster and better positive results, while some seem to be taking time. It is really good to have your support and blessings with us, which are always needed by any light worker for their respective Healing.

It was yesterday, 21st of June 2011 only, when I was sitting at my friend and fellow Reiki Master Jitender’s office, along with our other fellow Reiki Master Navneet Mathur. We got a knock at our door, when we saw his office boy came in, in distress. It seem like he was in deep stress and agony, as was looking from his eyes. He asked Jitender to check the arrival of a train at New Delhi Railway station, as his brother in law was supposed to come. We checked each and every train’s arrival and almost all had arrived hours before that time. We asked him if his brother in law got any mobile no., so that we may call and ask his where about.

He told us that the mobile was switched off, may be due to low battery and that he was also a handicapped person, so his wife was crying and sad. We ask him to relax and call his other friends and relatives around where he could go, so that he could be traced. After several efforts, calling many relatives, he was hopeless and sad, and we can see slight tears from his eyes.

After about an hour, when I was talking to a friend on my cellphone, he came to me hesitating and approached me slowly. He grabbed my shoulder and asked me with sad eyes, that he forgot about me, and now I have to help him finding his brother in law. I told him to be calm, relax and than asked him to come to Jitender’s office, with a recent photograph of his brother in law. He came with in a minute, and we could see him smiling and confident that we will be able to trace him and help him out of the mess.

After accepting the Aura of his brother in law with the help of our Reiki dowser, we started checking if we will be able to find him soon. the reply was positive, and we can see it rotating clockwise very fast. It made us feel very much positive, and than we asked if we will be able to hear of him with in next 2 hours, and it again gave a positive reply.

We than told him that his brother in law will be found before 17:30 and that he will be getting some news of him by that. He should however stop being sad and in pain, since it will just resent the Vibrations and could delay. He has already started to smile and we could see the shine of confidence and faith on us and Reiki Energy. He said that he had skipped asking us, and when he has so much good and positive energies around him, why should he be bothered. He said that his ignorance only made him sad, but now he was happy and he than called up his wife and told her that her brother will be back by 19:00 that day.

At about 16:30, he got a call from an unknown number, with his brother in law’s voice. He had been with his some new friend and was with him only. Since his home was adjoining the railway station, he halted there for some refreshments and due to weak battery, he was unable to call and inform anyone. It was a relaxing and comforting news for all of us and we all were indeed happy. He than went out asking us to stay and was like running, and we were all confused and shocked to see him like that. After 5-10 minutes, he came back with a few Samosa and some sweet Rasogullas for all of us in return of our help. The samosa and the sweet were tasting too good, may be because of the love and gratitude we had here. We thanked our Reiki teachers and fellow energies for helping us help him and other energies around us.

Thanks to you all for being with us always.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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