why should we give gratitude to our enemies or who are negative towards us

doctor shopping for soma prescription Fellow energies, we are grateful to your all of so much of loving and informative emails, and we are obliged to have you all around us here. We know that when we are asking you to be patient and calm when you want some answers, it may look as if we are rude to you, but please understand that we just want your kind insight onto it. When we are asking some of you to avoid any kind of hurry or impatience, please excuse us, as we are also human and we also need sometime to understand and reply your queries.

I know that I had a mail from some female, who was asking me that she feel like doing Reiki healing for whole of herself, everyday was too much time consuming. She wanted to know if there was some way, which could save her time while keeping the Reiki energy and protection, the same way it does in long process. I replied her to be patient and that she need to learn a few more things about Reiki, so she need some more time to learn than going ahead for a fast track. This made her angry and irritated on me, and she replied me with some negative words that I was being proud of being a Reiki Master and I have to change my ways.

Well, I learned again from this female that I should always try to take sometime in order to reply and should avoid judging any other. I just wrote what I felt, but if she felt bad, it must be my fault or in my writing, so I just learned something again from her that there are many energies in this world. who have too little time for self and others. I will therefore, try to understand in full to what they want and it is better to share things here, than to reply just anyone. I am sure that this small example in my life will also help you understand that we all learn and must be grateful and thankful to all of our fellow energies. Even if they are against or negative towards us, they teach us something in life. Any human or any energy can never do anything being single or alone, and needs support and co operation of others. Even if one wants to come first in class, or any examination, he need some other energy, who he has to compete, or the competition is useless. Also, a single human is unable to make a family, and for that, they need a support and love of other energy for sure. Many singles and others, who try to stay single for life, may feel like that they can live a happy life alone, but they too realize it late that a real relationship is always needed in for living.

In our Reiki workshops and personal discussions too, we always talk and teach everyone to have a happy and love filled relationship with their spouse, since without it, the life is meaningless and Reiki flow of energy might be low. We always just want you all to lead a happy life, free of any kind of sadness or any other blockage, and we always want to see your smiling, glowing face. We all must try to be grateful to what we learn today and for God, as its that eternal energy, which let us survive one more day.

Thanking others and being positive towards is really easier than being negative or angry on them and it really helps us in many ways. We will be away from stress, blood pressure problems and any kind of self esteem or grudges against others. I hope you will start a better, happier and a life filled with love and gratitude for all around you from today. I am thankful for your all the love you are showering at me.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain