some healings take time to heal but Reiki always work soma same day delivery Soma online Overnight without dr approval some healings take time to heal but Reiki always work

Fellow energies, dear friends, I am here talking to many people on facebook and in person too, and I am happy to see that some good and positive results of the Reiki Healing done even after a year or so. Some people see unusual delays in some healing, and it could be due to blockage or any other reason. After a failure of the healing, many come to me to know the reason, but I always insist that Reiki Energy always works and it always have a good and positive result. If someone gets a delay, the trust on Reiki should not go away, and one must trust the Reiki energy.

I have sometimes seen that some healing giving results at a later time. This seem to be strange, but I have seen many healings giving a good and positive result, even after months. One of my friend was looking for a job for about 300USD a month, but was getting no success. He was only offered a job for about 100 USD a month only, which was of no use, since he was able to get that by working at his home, by doing small odd tasks. He went to a Reiki healer, if the person can help him get a better job. He was very optimistic on his return, but even after full payment, and waiting for about 2 months, he was unable to get any good job or desired job. This made him a bit frustrated and negative towards Reiki. He than approached me and was talking all bad for me and Reiki Energy healing and Reiki Masters. I was calm and a patient listener. I tell him to have faith on Reiki Energy and have patience. Sometimes, Reiki may take time to work, but it always work. Once the energy transfer and exchange is done, it definitely reaches its destination.

After my lecture and talks with him, I gave small healing to his mind and heart and he left with a lighter heart. After sometime, I saw him on my gate with a box of sweet and an excited look. I was confused and amazed to see him that way. On asking, he said that he got a job offer of 1000USD a month with some more benefits for his family. I was happy and glad to see his faith back on Reiki Energy Healers (REH) and Reiki Healers. I am just talking to all of you as well, and want your confidence on Reiki. Reiki always works and always gets a success. There could be a delay, but it always works, if there is an energy exchange made.

Thank you all for reading this article and helping us spreading love and light in the universe.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master