Why do we need to work on self more

Soma fast delivery no doctors Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all, your comments, queries and suggestions. We are thankful for your kind concern, your intentions and the way you have accepted us in your life. We have been trying to reply with most of your questions, doubts as we know that they will help in making a better human in yourself.

We got an interesting email from our fellow Reiki energy, who is one of the followers of our articles from United States. She is about 21, single, and working plus studying for a better life. She had done here Reiki level 1 attunement, in the month of December 2013 with her mother. She and her mother were curious, so asked us that why do we work so much on for self healing or being upright. Why are we vegetarian, who have completely discarded taking alcohol, non veg meals and some other things. Why do we take so much of pain in keeping ourself fit and be different from others, as we should also be enjoying our life like them.

Well, the questions made me and other fellow Reiki Masters at our centre Reiki Energy Healers, smile. The reason is simple, though hard to explain, as most of us and fellow Reiki Masters or spiritual teachers, guides are like this. We all, after taking our Reiki grand Mastership degree, took an oath to be upright, never use our learning in any of bad or wrong practises. We had several discussion with our Reiki teachers, who taught us to be an example, rather then giving examples and do else. They gave us the permission to live our life freely, and we can enjoy our life, like eating or drinking whatever we want or other way. However, it is totally upon our own consent and intention for what we do.

After reviewing our own life, and what we want ourself to be, we chose our path and the way, we will be leading it. It was our own decision to live our life, in a distinguished manner, and we chose our being. We had a little bit of difficulty in the start, but now it has been just our life. Earlier, I was like mad after onion, garlic in my meals, but after my oath, I completely stop taking it. This was taken as a surprise for my wife and kids, but have now accepted it. I do go to bars with my friends at times, but I only prefer fresh juices or lemonade, as I just go to accompany friends. My business associates now understand me better, as I try to be open and speak truth. I am still into learning phase of my life, where I am learning and sharing all of my experiences, learnings with you all. I just try to keep myself in this learning phase, so as to do better of healings myself and burn any kind of blockages or negativity, faster.

We hope that you have understood most of me, along with many of other Reiki Masters around you. It is just what we have learned that we have to be more of positive, loving, caring for all, before asking or preaching others.

Reiki blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain