Why children at times are able to do good healing

purchase Soma COD Why children at times are able to do good healing

Fellow energies, we all at Reiki Energy Healers have been doing Reiki Healing since long. Here, we have our student Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters from almost all the age groups, like the youngest one comes from the age of 8 to the oldest to the age of 78. We have seen the outstanding results of their healing power and the positive energy flow coming from them. Some of our children Student Reiki Healers have outshine even any experienced Reiki masters here.

This may sound a bit strange, but we have seen that sometimes Reiki Healing done by children or any old aged Reiki Healer works like a magic, and results into an instant outcome. Some good psychic surgeries that we do here were performed better by the teenage people, better than any adult. Why is this and why were they able to heal faster and better has been coming into minds of our many receivers, so we thought that we must share the basic facts which results in to a good Reiki Healing.

We all know that Reiki Healing need a pure flow of energy where we need to avoid any kind of negativity and blockage. We need to clear off any kind of blockage and negativity in the receiver. Also, we must understand that the sender (Reiki Healer or Reiki Master) has to have pure thoughts for a good healing. The heart and mind of old and children energy is the purest of all. They do not have any kind of negativity in their hearts for anyone and are also away from any kind of negativity. Plus, when a receiver comes to them for healing, the person is free from any doubts or so called negativity towards them.

This age group people are able to give their full of intentions for the healings and what Reiki need. This helps in a pure and faster flow of energy to clear off the blockage in any receiver. Fellow Energies, here I must tell you all that we only meant that they are a bit better. However, when we talk of professional Reiki Healers or Reiki Masters, there are people in all sort of age groups, who do good healings. They are also with pure of heart and mind. All the energies, who have pure, soft and blockage free heart and mind, are able to perform good and precise healings.

So, let us all meditate, and clear ourself first, so as to give a better healing. If we ourself are impure, having blockage in our body or lifestyle, we would not be able to heal better or faster. Our healings will delay and take time, which is bad for our receivers too.

Thank you all for sharing your kind and valuable time and comments.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain