Why and where does Reiki fail

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ soma cheap no prescription Fellow energies, we are grateful for your continuous support, love and blessings in our mission of spreading love and light in this universe. We are thankful for sharing your views and giving us your understanding and comments on various articles as shared by us on this blog.

We were today reading our mails, when we got an interesting email from our fellow Reiki Master in Romania. She have been a very active and sort of regular writer to us with her queries and suggestions as she feel herself as one of us in our mission. She told us that as many of our receivers have been asking on why do a Reiki healing take too much of time in a certain healing, while some takes faster. Also, why does similar Reiki healing done for one energy takes a shorter duration then any other. She also questioned that why do some energies get a Reiki healing done, while in others, it fails.

After reading and understanding what she want to say and ask, we are going to reply her and many other energies like herself. Friends, as we all know that for a good Reiki energy transfer, we need a good receiver, who can accept Reiki energy with an open heart. In some cases of Reiki transfer, the receiver is either too much blocked or negative towards any kind of alternative healing, as most of us are used to get healed by medicines.

In cases of a relationship healing too, many times, the receiver start feeling negative due to longer time taken in healing process, but this is just because of the receiver or the partner’s blockage too. Some Reiki practitioners also start Reiki healing, without the permission of a blocked energy, i.e., without even making a receiver ready for the reception.

In case of physical blockages too, most of the Reiki healers start working on the infected area or the place where the receiver is having pain. However, as per our experiences, we need to understand the cause of the pain or blockage first, before we start the Reiki healing process. We need to cleanse and clear the root cause, and than should start the Reiki healing process and than only the Reiki healing will be done with success.

In case of Heart related blockages, most of us start working at Heart Chakra, while I feel that we should also work on their Brow and Base Chakra too, since it is seen that the energies with blockage at Heart Chakra, usually have their Base Chakra blocked too. While working on any kind of Chakra blockage, we need to sit with a calm mind with closed or open eyes (as comfortable). Then we should try to understand the whole situation and start our Reiki healing, instead of getting impatient for the energy transfer. Our fellow energy asked us if the physical injuries can also be healed using Reiki energy and my answer is as expected by you is YES. Yes, we sure can heal physical injuries and any kind of blockage using Reiki energy, but it may take time depending upon the blockages of receiver.

Our request to you all the Reiki practitioners to give your proper time in for understanding and giving proper explanation of blockage to your receiver. This is needed for a better and a good relationship with your receiver and clearing the blockage. There is a wise saying ‘a good speaker have to be a good listener first’, so in order to explain everything you want to speak, you have to hear clearly.

I am sorry if i took too much of your time in this explanation but I just hope that you all are able to get to my point. I am thankful to you all for your presence around me and all of your queries, doubts and suggestions. I am grateful to all of my fellow energies, my Reiki teachers and everything I have seen, felt, sensed or missed.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain