which stone or crystal gives more energy

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your regular emails and phone calls with queries on different topics, but related to Reiki only. With the time going on, I just realized that I was able to discuss and talk endlessly on any topic, where Reiki or any other Metaphysical topic was concerned. It really help me in learning more and also to share with our fellow energies which I was learning in these debates or discussions.

Sometime back, one guy visited our Reiki center, with some pieces of stones, and want us to check the Aura and purchase those crystals for our Reiki grid. He asked us to check the Energy emitting out of those stones before going for purchase, and was truly a good offer for us, for which we were really thankful. We were thinking of purchasing it, despite the high prices, but something happened later, which stopped us from buying them, was his continuous bragging and too much of useless information. He was speaking and telling that those stones were from moon, and some came along with a meteorite, and were emitting too much of energy, which was most as compared to any other stone or crystal.

The words, which were coming from his mouth may sound too good or amazing, but to me, they just made me feel like he still need some more time to learn. His high praise about the stones and himself made us speechless and think of leaving those stones with, and that we should avoid purchasing them. Anyway, the reason why I am telling you all this or writing this article is that all the crystals or stones just reflect the energy, as we all are just Reiki or other energy channel. We only may have good Aura or positive energy, but we can always be a good reflector. We or anything can never generate any energy that could be transferred to any other energy, however we can always transfer the energy which we receive from Universe.

Friends, we all must understand this small thing and must keep in mind that we only are channels and can receive and transfer similarly to others. All the crystals and stones or any other energy are just a channel, so we should never think or tell anyone that anything emits any kind of positive or negative energy. I just realized that even when there is any nuclear reaction, the radiation that spreads is just due to the process occurred, and once a proper coolant or blocking energy is mixed, it cools down. Similarly, for a positive flow of energy, we should just let it flow, and keep away any kind of blockage, so as for a continuous flow. If there is any kind of blockage in receiver or healing, it may take time in healing, but we should understand that Reiki energy always has a flow. It flows even across walls, water or anything, but just need a good receiver, and good affirmation, with a good Reiki healer or Reiki Master. Any Reiki healer or Reiki Master is a good, if they are able to understand the cause of blockage and tries every way and positive affirmation for clearing blockages.

I just hope that you all are now able to understand my small request and appeal to you to avoid purchasing anything that can ‘create’ any kind of energy, but may buy any good reflecting energy. Any of your kind comments, suggestions are more than welcome on our emails, facebook or mobiles, so please do send, as we are waiting for them.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain