What we must understand about Reiki

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Fellow Energies, we have been talking about Reiki Healing and Reiki Energy or the Reiki Healings done. Still for some reasons, we have been asked about Reiki with some more information and detail on it. As most of us know that we have been very open in teaching all what we can I mean spreading all the love and light we can for you all here. We do try to explain and teach you all to our best, but still if we are unable to teach, we will still try to do our best.

As you all know that we all are just a different form of energy. We know about electric energy, sound energy, light energy and similarly many other kind of different energies. As we all know that sound energy travels very fast, but light energy is definitely faster than that, and we all do know that light travels lakhs of kilometers in one second. Similarly we also know the speed of our thought energy, which travels even faster. Here I mean than it takes about eight and half minutes for Sun Light to reach Earth and some years from Stars to Earth, but it takes a part of a second for our thought to reach anywhere. Our thought Energy travel faster than anything we know. There is one more energy, which we are going to discuss here, which has a faster speed and a greater impact too.

Yes dear friends, now we are coming to Reiki Energy only. Reiki Energy is a powerful Energy, that travels faster than anything and is traveling almost up to the mark of thought Energy. If our thoughts and visions are pure and positive, our Reiki Energy travels immediately without even guiding any direction. but, if our mind is foul and our vision is all negative, the purpose will be left incomplete, since it will be impossible for Reiki Energy to reach the targets.

Reiki Energy help us in penetrating the blockage of any other energy, even miles apart in micro seconds. It might delay due to the blockage or the negativity of either. Like for example, it may take some minutes, hours, days or months to heal the blockage and negativity, if the receiver had some huge blockage. Sometimes it also take longer to heal, if there is some psychic attack or some kind of self created blockage in receiver. This can be ego, self pride, ‘I’ or some bad habits.

We all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters try to keep away from these self created blockages, but still, being a human Energy, we might also get some. We always try to set ourselves as an example for others, but still, if any of you find us being negative or having bad health, please bear with us. We will try to improve with time and wish the same for all of you here too.

Thank you all for sharing this good and helpful article for all the Energies here.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain