What is white light in Reiki

Soma No Prescription Overnight COD Delivery Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your Reiki blessings and the love you have been sending us and they have been helpful in our spiritual growth. We are always in a learning phase and try to absorb whatever we are taught with our experiences and than later come up here to share these with you. With every email, phone call, chat or comment you give, we try to learn something new and with time, we work and come up up with solution to your queries.

Buy Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping Today evening, one of our fellow Reiki Master from London was talking to me, when she was telling me that her teacher taught her all the Reiki symbols last month. She had her attunement and Reiki Mastership done from a local Reiki Master there, and she was feeling good about it, since it is what she had been waiting for. I was really glad and happy to hear this good news, but than she told me that her teacher seem to have forgotten to teach the colors of Reiki symbols or Reiki light as white or golden. She wanted to know and understand the importance and need of white light in Reiki.

Friends, after talks with her, it was easier for us to understand that there must be some more Reiki practitioners, who want to understand this importance of white light in Reiki. As we all know that as per Reiki learning, we have our seven most important Chakras, at seven body glands, with seven different Rainbow colors, i.e., VIBGYOR. These are the same seven colors, in same pattern as of a rainbow and also, when white light is passed through a glass prism. This small experiment, we all normally perform in our physics class, using a Prism, using Sunlight and a plain white color sheet, where these colors are visible easily. So we can understand that this white light is a combination of all of these seven colors and when all colors are balanced, we get white light.

Whenever we Reiki practitioners say this small word love and light, it just means that we want their all Chakras to be balanced, giving them a good healthy, wealthy and love filled personal life. This white light flow helps in a better flow of Reiki energy in the seven Chakra of any energy, and also ease in balancing them, without much effort. Whenever we are doing Reiki healing, using a better visualization of symbol colors or light color, it just help us in much faster and effective Reiki healing. Sometimes, we see that major Chakra blockages are burned and successful Reiki healing results in a short span of time.

I am sure that using proper and correct visualization, you will be able to heal any of health issues or Chakra Blockages. Reiki blessings are always with you all for life, and beyond it. I am thankful for your all the love and positive white and golden light, you had been showering at us.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain