what is the need of receivers for a good healing

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ soma overnight delivery only Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind acceptance of Reiki healing energy in your lives. We are also grateful to you all for sharing your experiences, your queries and your believes, which help us to learn more of Reiki healing energy. Trust me, your every share, mail or comment means a lot to us all the Reiki energies of our centre Reiki Energy Healers.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Buy Soma No Prior Script Overnight We have been sharing with you all in this blog, in person and also in our classes, the importance along with the role of receiver. We discussed this with many of Reiki healers globally, from different corners of the world, and were confused in beginning, when they told us that even after getting attuned several times, the healings done by them fail, and were showing absolutely zero effect. On asking in detail, they told us that they started doing Reiki healing on their family, friends, pets etc. when they got any kind of need. They told us that in starting days, they were doing all good healings, but after a period of time, the healing done by them started showing null results. It was a matter of quite attention to me personally, as I, being a Reiki teacher practitioner should know and understand the cause. Now, I started asking them various question, just like any investigator, though I am a naive.

ONLINE Soma COD ~ BUY Soma ONLINE After questioning, I came across various other topics too, where some of the Reiki practitioners were also threatened by their receivers for sending some abusive or sexual waves towards them. This was now making me more of curious, for why does a receiver felt that, as it was quite impossible, as its wrong for a practitioner to do so. In order to maintain their good name in social circle, they ended up doing as asked by their receivers, like paying money or ending their Reiki healing career forever.

After investigation, as I was taught, the need of a receiver is always there, so as whatever is send to them, is accepted by them. If the receiver decides to block the energy coming to them, it will come with a very little of impact, which is very difficult to give any result. In order to get the proper flow of Reiki healing energy on to themselves, a receiver has to accept Reiki healer on to what he/ she is reflecting towards them with full of trust and positive intentions. Reiki practitioners can only send their positive intentions on to any other energy, however, if the receiver create any kind of image or interpretation of their receiver in the back of their mind, it start showing in different ways.

If a Reiki healer is sending any healing to their receivers and if they know about it, they can receive it in a better way. Otherwise, it just reaches them and reflect back to the universe, without giving the healing effect. Most of such experiences were seen, when we Reiki practitioners start giving Reiki healing to their family, friends or pets etc. without taking their permission or making them understand about it. Some of us also avoid using the basic fundamentals of Reiki like reflection, disconnection, gratitude or energy exchange. Any of these could make our Reiki healing a failure, which later on start imposing our life. This further make us stop using Reiki energy for healing or burning blockages.

If receiver think of their healer with some negative intentions, they feel that negative vibes are coming to them, as they filter out only for what they wanted. Negative intentions are easy to create by any energy, though it is difficult for any Reiki practitioner, as it will ruin their own Aura and reflection power. In order to be a good reflector, we Reiki healers have to stay positive, helpful and always good. This is one of the other reasons, for which we find very few Reiki practitioners, who continue over for life.

If any receiver is getting all of those disturbing vibes from their healers, I would suggest them to understand once again all about Reiki healing energy. Reiki healers can only send positive, helpful, balancing, love filled vibes. We can only help in your growth, your health, your finances, your relationships and all that you want them to work on. We can never do anything to hurt you or break your trust on Reiki energy healers. I hope you will understand and spread it among yours, so that we can help in spread of a better awareness about it. I think this is needed, so that this belief and feeling towards a Reiki practitioner is everywhere.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain