What is Reiki

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma without doctor rx As we all know that Reiki is a Japanese ideology for stress relieve and to relax from our day to day issues, and also help in healings from different physical, mental or emotional problems. It is done using our hands or crystals and is based on the concept that we all humans or all that is present in the Universe is mere a different shape or form of energy. It give us a small understanding of a small formula, which we all have been learning.

Soma online Overnight without dr approval Its E = mc2 . The formula shows that Energy is equal to the product of mass and square of speed of light. However, if we see it with a different prospective, we see something different and much more interesting. It is, mc2 = E, and it means that product of mass and square of speed of light. It also means, that we all with a mass is a part of energy only.

The word ‘Reiki’ is derived with using two of Japanese words i.e, ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’. Here, ‘Rei’ means the universal Rays as in Sun Rays or any other waves or vibes as we feel around us in whole of universe. ‘Ki’ here denotes “life force energy”. So Reiki here means the Universal Energy, or the Energy present and surrounds us whole.

If we try to close our eyes, we can feel the energy and wind blowing around us. We can sometimes sense someone calling us or needing us. Sometimes we wake up while sleeping and some other weird or things happen around us, which make us a bit confused. Like for example, while walking on road, we feel that we are going to hit or else, and in reality too, when we realize, we are actually saved from some accident or mis happening. Sometimes, we dream bad or good, and it comes into reality too. What is all this? Is this all just a dream or a nightmare? Friends, and fellow energies, this is all due to our telepathy and the way our energies interact with each other. Suppose someone want us to alert us from some danger or else, their subconscious mind alert our mind through their mental waves. The energy struck our energy and we realize it on time.

With this way, we got any good or bad news, without getting a telephone call or meeting. This all is done using our energies, which traveled through our subconscious mind. Imagine, what we all can do with our conscious mind. As per my personal experiences, I think we can get all what we want and what we dreamed in our lives, through demanding.

‘Reiki’ is just a way to understand and realize our own potential and the power of our conscious mind energies. As we grow with our Reiki Levels, we feel more and more powerful in our healings and are having a feeling of much more confidence in ourselves. This confidence helps us getting all the impossible targets in much easy way and make them all possible.

Reiki helps us killing all the negativity and the blockages, which are creating hurdles or illness in our day to day life. We can remove all the negativity or blockages in and around ourselves or any other person after learning the procedure.


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