What is Reiki flow

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma No Prior Script Overnight Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind support, love and blessings to us all here. I myself am thankful to everyone of you as it sometimes is really difficult to share or teach anything which is just rightly felt as me. I know that I am taking many different actions in Reiki, which have never been taken till this point. I am taking sharing and teaching in a different pattern at times, which I do feel that they are important.

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Cheap Soma Shipped Overnight No Prescription As we all the Reiki energies are aware of the fact that we are all mere reflecting Reiki or any other cosmic energy, and never have anything of our own to flow on our receivers. During our classes, I have started giving more of attention for our students, so that they remember that we are mere a reflector of Reiki healing energy. I learnt that many of Reiki practitioners have stopped performing Reiki healing due to the reason that they feel that Reiki flow has stopped flowing from their hands or other parts of their body!!. There are some, who say that they have stopped feeling hot or cold during the Reiki flow. This made me confused for a bit, as what I learned and have been sharing was that we are just a Reiki reflectors, being channels. 

After realising some of these things, I understood one thing, that unless we give more of knowledge, along with clear examples to our students about reflecting energy, they might also get stuck after a period of time. Now, we are sharing with them, every time along with some elaborated examples which make them clear what they have to do, and feel. As discussed with you all, we had a Reiki workshop in bur Dubai, last week on 2nd of May 2014. Before this workshop, I had been working on postponing any workshop, with students less than 5. This time, we were only three of us. Normally, I would have declined or postponed like always, but this time, as I got my new identity as being a Hitter, I had to hit and start taking actions. Now, I started taking the class, where I was forcing them to understand each and everything, what I was for there. I also told them to focus only on reflecting, so I asked them to do practical healing sessions, for someone imaginary, and later on each other. 

Now, during this practical sessions, they told me that they felt like something is coming to them and they were just letting it go. Later next day, one of our student energy shared with me about her daughter high fever, which he healed. He told me that he might have forgotten any of the procedures, as the process was long, and he had very little time. I told him, since her fever is all gone. the procedure is all fine. We only have to work on a few things, like intention, visualisation, affirmations, disconnection, gratitude and energy exchange.

Now, he told me, that everything went fine and he was happy for this all. It was really good to know that after doing this one day Reiki workshop, this newly created Reiki energy did a great and successful Reiki healing. Later this evening, I was asked to visit his father in law’s house, where we worked on his father in law, and also his brother in law. Next day, I was told me that his father in law slept without a pain killer that night after many months. His brother was also having slight pain in his left palm, which was reduced by giving Reiki touch healing session.

I asked him once again that now, we all are magic energy, and we all have the energy to create / reflect this energy to get anything and everything in life. I am sharing this with you all this thing, just because for one reason, so that we all take this in our mind that we all are mere reflectors.

Reiki blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain