What is Meditation and how to do it

buy soma prescription Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for your queries, comments and emails with kind blessings. It is my pleasure to have your continuous support, acceptance towards Reiki energy, which is letting me live a positive life. As a normal human being, my life has been filled with multiple ups and downs, undergone various upsets and still using Reiki and meditation in my life for burning blockages of self and others.

Soma online Overnight without dr approval I was asked an interesting question in one of last week’s email about what is Meditation and how should one meditate. It has been very long time, and many people still make mistakes in understanding Meditation. I can easily summarise the definition of meditation, and hope it clears all. THE COMPLETE RELAXATION AND SUBMISSION OF BODY WITH ALL SENSES IS CALLED MEDITATION.

Now, how to do this is easy. We all try to meditate, keeping a control or check on what is going around us while we also try to meditate. Therefore, most of so called ‘active’ energies fail to meditate. If we really want to meditate, we must surrender ourselves and relax our mind, body on to the Supreme energy, Angel, God, Goddess or whatever we have our trust at. Meditation or relaxation at initial stage may be tough, as some of us try to feel what is going around us while meditation. This is one of the cause that we are unable to meditate for a very long time. This also shows that there is a lot going on in our mind, and we have lost trust in our own self.

Once we regain our faith back in order, try to just relax, give in everything we have got, meditation becomes the easiest thing we might be doing. I myself am meditating every day for an hour or more. I am unable to comment on my duration since I know that I sit for meditation, and I just go in somewhere else, where I myself am unaware of.

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Reiki Energy healers Directory
Reiki Energy healers Directory

However, if I use guided meditation, I know what I am seeing or feeling, as per the guide shares with me later on. We all must remember to use a guide/ teacher/ friend to help us in guided meditation, since it helps in a better understanding of what we go thru in our journey. We can visit several places  where we have never visited, we can go in trans, we can even travel to different other areas, we have never thought of. 

We can also go to our past life or future life using a guided meditation. This guided meditation can also help us in our past blockages, which hold us and stop us from our growth or progress. 

I am sure that now, most of you will try to relax and meditate in a better way, I am thankful to my Meditation guru, who taught me this secret, which had been keeping me from meditation for long.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain