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Fellow friends

We have been seeing that Reiki healers keep on talking on the Reiki healing they did or what are they best at. Hey.. even I myself am making such mistakes at times. Do you know what is the problem there..??

Well well, it is a simple thing that we all healers are committing a sin of claiming ourselves as the doer of all healings or else. While, we must understand that we all are just a medium and the whole doer is the receiver and the energy. We all must understand this fact that we are just a way to make them meet them connect and realize what they need. We must avoid this pride feeling or self esteem. Being a soft heart fellow, without any esteem or pride will lead us to a higher level of acclamation and achievement. We must not get this blockage of prudishness or self pride. We must try to be avoiding any kind of blockage to ourselves. Once we are all free of any kind of blockages, than only we will be in real sense a good healer.

We must never forget that we are just a simple form of energy, and we are just a medium to connect and unite two different energies or clean some other energy. If a broom is used to cleaning any dirty or messy room, it must not take all the credit for cleaning the room. Similarly, if any screw is tightened with the help of any screw driver, the screw driver must not take all the credit. If the room is wet and have heavy objects, broom can not clean it easily, like if a screw is twisted, it can’t be tightened with any screw driver easily. We must understand the importance of receiver and that we are just a medium.

People like myself keep on saying that we did such healing or such kind of remedy was healed by us. We did this, we did that.. so on. We must understand and think over it. Once we get this small point, it will change our lives forever.

Think, understand and follow.

Thanks for reading my articles.

Love and Light

Vineet Jain

Vineet Jain