What is Apology Day

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Fellow Energies, most of you must be amazed to know that in India, Jainism have a special day called ‘Kshamavani Diwas’ also known as Apology day. This day, all the Jain religion followers ask for apology from all the people they know. They ask for apology for anything that has hurt emotionally or physically. They also ask if they have intentionally or unknowingly hurt the other.

Now, this is truly confusing for the reason behind it. Actually, as per my thinking, this day is similar to Thanksgiving day in western countries. Here, we all need to be open up and have a guilt feeling for whatever bad we may have done. In our daily routine life, we do many things and comes over many incidents. During this time, we meet and interact with many people, even on road or office or at home. During this time, we may hurt any other knowingly or unknowingly. Being grateful to all and having a soft and kind heart towards all is in benefit and good for all of us.

We here all have a duty towards others to be polite and have a better acceptance to all what comes over way. We all must keep in mind that whatever comes our way, is only what we asked for. If we are always positive, calm, working towards good, only good will come our way. The people who try to close their doors (mind) for others and are senseless towards others, are usually getting bad results. If some people are good and getting negative results in life, I must suggest them to be calm and patient. They should show their gratitude towards their family, friends etc. ad should ask for apology from them for anything they had done wrong or may have hurt in anyway.

These two things have changed a lot in life of many and have turned to a better future for them. We at Reiki Energy Healers (REH) have seen that people with a positive attitude, polite nature are always having a comfortable and peaceful life. I here would just ask you all to be positive and be grateful towards all. Asking apology is just a better way to show our gratitude and our love and regards for others.

I apologize if I have written or said anything to hurt any of you, knowingly or unknowingly

Thanks for helping me spread love and light in the Universe

Vineet Jain