What happens when a energy exchange is left undone or incomplete

What happens when a Energy Exchange is left undone or incomplete

Fellow energies, we all here are grateful to you for your regular support and kind comments for our articles here. We had been asking you about what to write and what you all want to learn more, so this is just one of our next step to teach you of our findings.

We have been asked about the failures in Reiki Healing by many Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters. When we ask about the Reiki process, almost all were doing it correctly and the Reiki healing must have shown some good and positive results. It was really an embarrassing situation for any Reiki Healer / Master, when the Reiki Healing done by them is taking more than normal time. The receivers and the Reiki healers, both get frustrated due to the time taken in the outcome of the healing. The receiver gets a bit desperate due to paying a large amount of fees or other energy exchange, they might had done for the Reiki Healing done for them. Sometimes, same is seen even for the Reiki grid healing, where normally it shows results in a time of maximum of 21 days.

Due to delay in positive results of Reiki, many of the receivers feel like a setback and are hurt for the Reiki Healers and the receivers, who came to them with great hopes. After hearing these issues, we were sort of confused and sad to see the sad faces of our fellow energies. It really made us sad to see their sad and low faces, and knowing that their Aura was really very down.

We than tried to meditate and tried to talk with them over the issue. We had some long discussions, and tried to talk on every minute detail, that we can with our Reiki healers. We talked from the time they started healing and till the current date about the situation of their healing. It was giving us some light and hope when we hear all of their case history for the Reiki healing. It was a bit disheartening that despite the efforts of our Reiki healers and Reiki Masters, the receivers had been slight negative towards them. Some had stopped energy exchange for the healing and some have told them to do so only if the Reiki healing showed some positive effects. Reiki only works with positive attitude and have always been working with a positive prospective. If either the receiver or a Reiki Healer has some doubts of it, there will be a delay or a null effect. Also in the case of no energy exchange or exchange below the mutual consent, it works to a little extent.

After our small research and discussion, we came to our final comments to this failure. If the receiver is unable to do energy exchange as per mutual consent or try to cheat or be negative to the healings done by any Reiki Healer or Reiki Master, the healing goes without any positive result. We must however keep in mind that we need to perform all the energy exchange as mutually agreed and should always remain positive for the healings.

Thank you all for being here and share your reviews and comments for our website.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain