What do we Reiki healers do

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind acceptance to our articles on this blog and giving us a place in your Heart. We are thankful to our teachers, students, fellow energies who taught us and are still teaching many different new lessons, everyday. We are happy to have Reiki, the cosmic, positive energy on our side, helping us in burning our and our fellow receivers’ blockages as well as surrounding negative vibes.

We all the fellow Reiki Masters at our Reiki Energy Healers centre were shocked and surprised, when one fellow energy asked us if we know some magic. We were asked on how do we do Reiki healings, and if Reiki healing was such a fascinating energy, it should be promoted in the world like anything, and we all should be known as charismatic people.

Well, this really made us think about the inner words, which made me write this article. We all the Reiki practitioners, are mere channels or what I call as reflectors of this cosmic energy, which we all know as Reiki. As we all might have played with a small glass piece and reflected the light on walls or other places. We also try to focus Sunlight from a glass on to a plain paper or carbon paper, and try to burn it. We all can even concentrate the same Sunlight to generate fire on paper or woods. In the same way, we invoke Reiki energy and then focus it on to our receiver with a positive but required affirmation along with a good visualisation. The combination of visualisation and affirmation goes into the receiver’s Chakra, and help us in burning any kind of blockage or negativity present in there. The Psychic surgery is also somewhat similar to this, just adding to it is much more precise visualisations. We just are mere reflectors or channels, as you all may call us, and we should never be taken as a magician or charismatic personalities. There may be a change in the attitude, behaviour, looks of a practitioner, but that is all due to their attitude towards life and the way they live life. 

I wrote this article, just to share with you all that we all Reiki practitioners are just a cosmic energy like you all. The only difference is that we got attuned and are able to reflect better cosmic energies. This is similar to that a polished glass reflects better light, and a dirty glass reflects lesser. Meditation, gratitude, self healing, cleansing and positive acts, thoughts polish our Aura, making us a better reflector. These positive actions, thoughts, gratitude will also make us a better receiver, which also help us getting our wishes or dreams fulfilled with success. 

I hope we all will get much more clean and shining Aura with a lot more of positive actions, thoughts, gratitude and make our life filled with love and happiness. We are thankful to you all for your time in reading this article and helping our mission to help spreading positive light in this universe.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain