Using Rama and Raku Reiki symbols for protection Buy Soma no script next day delivery Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for your all the love and Reiki blessings, which are helping us in our journey towards a blocage free world. We are trying to work using Reiki healing energy in burning blockages in every possible way and form, so that we are able to live a happy life. We know that some blockages are tough or hard, so we either are unable to burn or heal in time.

Soma fast delivery no doctors Today, we are sharing one interesting experimental self Reiki healing done by our fellow Reiki Master from Romania. She has been a consistent and prominent user of Reiki energy and we are thankful to her for sharing her personal life experiences with us.

Hi Vineet 

I will share with you and others if you think it is useful what I say an experience I had 3 days ago. I had to go outside town and as I told you I am a bad driver. You explained some months ago about releasing traffic, getting free road. You told in an article that we should do first Cho Ku Rei and visualize free road and then Sei Hei Ki in their adequate colors and we can get the desired goal, in my case road free from traffic. It worked some 3 or 4 times during this time, but from unknown to me reasons it is working every day less. I felt I should avoid to go this last time because something was wrong and I had to go. So I found a solution by using Reiki healing energy for my journey, as my friendly angel. You told in your articles to use Raku and Rama symbols. More I watched the training of my first teacher online and he also told about the importance of the Karuna Reiki symbols. So I found out that for reaching goals and mostly health goals we should connect to Zonar and to Archangel Rafael and when we need protection to Rama that is Archangel Michael. I felt bad because of my health and I felt also something will happen so I gave myself an additional healing with these symbols and really they worked. I visualized Rama above my head in white and golden colors  without knowing  if it is good and then I visualized the symbol entering in my body .Ten for additional protection I visualized it in front of me and behind me and I went from home. Quiet the traffic was less, but when I wanted to make left on another road I did correctly all I had to do and was waiting that the cars from the opposite sense will pass. Behind me a BMW saw me and put the brake but behind him a Mercedes with two lovers inside the car neither saw me nor the BMW and although the BMW tried to take a direction to not be hit he was hit and both cars got problem. I took my direction and went to my desired place. The entire story about the 2 cars I know from some friend who was behind the Mercedes and saw the entire situation. What I want to say is that these days using Rama together with other healing procedures but not forgetting Rama is of great help for protection .Well I used in the morning also salt and more then what you told me always rubbing rock salt on chakras not only helps for protection it helps also for health. So my conclusion is that everybody should use rock salt everyday because it is to our reach and the symbols I have just mentioned.

I am so much relieved to learn Reiki and to my teachers, fellow energies as my confidence and faith on to Reiki healing energy is growing every day, and am sure that so is yours. Soon, we all will be getting almost everything what we want in our lives using Goal Manifestations or money manifestations too, however it may take time to burn our blockages. 

I am thankful to you dear friend, and I am grateful to you all readers and everyone in this small universe or outside.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain