UAE Visit in October end 2012 for Business and Reiki workshops online soma sale Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for accepting our articles and sharing it with other fellow energies. We are thankful to you for your kind support and regular emails, comments and suggestions given in Chat, facebook or by email. It is your kind support due to which we are able to make these changes and implement, and our gratitude goes to you all here.

As you all know that I have been visiting UAE for getting orders for sales of my plastic Drip and Sprinkler business, while on weekends am conducting Reiki workshops there. I have been meeting many fellow Reiki energies in there, and it was really a surprise for me to know that so many are using Reiki energy healing in there. I am going there again and will be reaching on 28th of October noon and will be returning on 12th of November early morning to Delhi, India. I will be staying in my regular accommodation at hotel Astoria, in Bur Dubai and will be using metro or bus for commuting. My UAE mobile no. will also be updated under my contact detail, so all of you can contact me there too. Please call me there, in case of emergency, as the India mobile number will be working here since it will be here with my family. If any of you is in UAE or planning to be there during my time schedule, please email me or call me for your kind appointments.

We will be conducting Reiki workshops on weekends, that is Friday and Saturday, so please do confirm your seats in advance. I will be keeping some certificates with me for the students, but if all are used up, we will be sending them by courier if we are exhausted. The venue for the Reiki workshop will be finalized after I land in UAE and have talks with the organizers. I will be in touch with Ms Shalu Pathak, Dr. Mohd Nazi, Yashodhan Borkar and a few more. I am sure to have a great time with your kind support and Reiki blessings. I am writing this article about 45 days before, as last time, I was asked by one Arab, who is also our fellow Reiki practitioner, to inform him and his friends about a month before. Actually, every one has plans, so it is my duty that I have to inform all, so that they are prepared and are able to attend.

I am thankful to you all for your time and will request you all to share with anyone you know, who is interested in attending Reiki workshops or consultation in UAE. I will be obliged if our mutual help is able to clear some blockages and spread positivity in this Universe.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain