Trusting yourself and your intuitions

Fellow energies, we are grateful to each one of you for sharing your personal experiences while performing self or any other energy’s Reiki healing. It is really a feeling of gratitude to our Reiki teachers and fellow energies, when we look in eyes with satisfaction and positive attitude. It is a feeling, which is difficult to explain with words, but easy to feel when it just happens.

We have been asked many a times, on how do our visualisations or affirmations help in burning the blockage and make changes in one’s life. We are also asked that if our visualisations and Reiki can change this world, why it is taking so much of time?

Well, my answer has been same and will be again the same, over and over. We need to trust ourself, our intentions, our intuitions and should love ourself first. Without this compassion for ourself, it is difficult to think of doing anything or getting even close to our goal. Most of us have a good and big ambitions, and when we ask them about it, a few even find it difficult to explain. However, there are some, who have a very clear picture of what they want to be or have in future. We should always understand that what we see with close eyes, really happen. As a Reiki practitioner, when we are burning blockages of any receiver, our thought energy, combining with Reiki healing energy burns the blockage or negativity as is needed. However, if we are unable to see it clearly, it simply means that blockage remains. This is one of the reasons, when we ask our fellow Reiki practitioners to meditate everyday, and the reason is simple, as it helps in improving our visualisations. We all the Reiki energies at our centre ‘Reiki Energy Healers’ are trying to meditate for about 2 hours a day, or more when possible. We often go for ‘Maun’ – which means we keep silence for a certain amount of time. During this time, we try to avoid speaking to anyone, and even we keep our mobiles away from ourselves. 

These two small and simple practices help us in a better thinking and visualisation, which definitely help us in our Reiki healing process. We also need to pamper our own self, by giving sometime in for a better nourishment, like as in for watching a movie, eating out or going out with friends or whatever is required for self relaxation. This all helps in a better self realisation and understanding our own needs by giving gratitude to ourself. 

If one loves itself, than only he/ she can love anyone else and thus can help others too. If we know our own desires, our positive or negative traits, then only we can make changes. We should all understand that we are seen by all in this universe as what we are or how we act. Getting Reiki Mastership is easy for anyone, but maintaining the positive Aura or being like an example for others is a real tough task. We all love to be liked by all, and some even try to get praised by people, naming themselves as ‘baba’, ‘goddess’, ‘Devi’, ‘Angel’ etc., but for getting real respect from fellow energies’ heart, we need to work on ourself. Respect can never be ordered, it can only come from heart. Therefore, in order to et real love, gratitude from any energy, we need to know and work on self first. We should know that for getting anything, we need to give others what we want for ourself. Do to others, what we want from others for self.

I hope that you all here will try to understand that instead of just talking big or ethical, we will try to focus on ourself and make some relevant changes in our own. This will help in our own life and result into a deeper penetration into self realisations. We will thus be free and open to speak truth, will have nothing to worry or scare of. If we sow a seed of a fruit, we will reap a fruit only, but if we sow a cactus, we can never expect a flower or fruit.

Please try to implement in your life if possible and live for yourself

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain