Tips I use to protect myself and also to cure cold when happen Soma fedex shipping, Soma shipped c.o.d. Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for accepting, understanding and giving your precious time to read our articles here. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers and all the fellow energies, who are making us feel loved and blessed with Reiki energy and their presence around us. cod pay soma Today, we are going to share an article, written by our Fellow Reiki Master from Romania, who want to keep her name, so we will be calling her as Sonia (name changed to maintain privacy). The complete article is as she wrote, but we will try to make slight changes, as to repair English grammar.

I will tell you one more things about what I found with time about Reiki healing. May be you will find it unbelievable,  but I tell you sincerely that is what I did and what I do. Since February 2011 when I have got my first degrees Reiki lesson after the healing period of 21 days I have never got cold or flu. I seem to have forgotten the meaning of headache, congested nose, heavy head and body, unable to sit on a chair,and being able only to lie down. Until then I had cold at least twice a year. I took everything from Home remedies to allopathic medicines. At one moment nothing helped anymore. Some relief I have got going to some doctors and making bio resonance sessions ,mostly Relief machine session. Bio resonance is something good but it is very expensive here. So until I had money I went there. Before bad times came and I began to have little money my sister in law insisted to go with her to some Reiki classes that were done by a very good Reiki Master here. It was one day classes with initiation, so we went for joining it.

There the Master told us that it will begin a 21 days cleansing period and for some will be acceptable but for some will be bad. We have nothing to worry because everything which is blocked or negative in our body will go.

Okay only until evening came I was bad and I even could accepted light.

I was finding it difficult and unable to even open my eyes. Nose was running tremendously like a tap. I had pains in my whole of body. It was like a strong flu, and I still want to try what I learned. You will find it difficult to believe but the best remedy was the fresh soul chicken soup as given by the iVillage site. I added more parsley but in rest was the recipe from there. Together with the soup I took in the morning and evening late some capsules of Salix Alba .This is the natural aspirin that we have here in Romania. When I am unable to take soup, I drink Sambucus Nigra tea. All these combined with the first 2 symbols as I learned and I did everything which I was taught.

The truth all flushed quickly toxins what ever kind there were and after 2 days and a half I was okay. Since then I was never sick the way I used to be. It was all over with all the medicines I was taking before. Also over with that good for moment but destroying for long time remedy used in the villages here. I mean alcohol with cloves, pepper and sugar drunk as hot as it is possible. Other remedy of that kind it is wine with cinnamon which warms body too and helps for the moment. In time gives some nice gastric troubles may get confused and think that where from or how come they attacked (example u can get fatty liver). So I will never advice these remedies. I continued with everyday Reiki healing without forgetting a single day to do it. I also purchased books on Reiki and learned more. So I learned how to use light and energies and truly said I tried all the symbols I found in the books without having initiation. I don’t know if they helped, but I forgot my every year running nose and all those problems.

After some time I met you online, I was still not having such problems because you taught me something my first teacher forgot to do it. I mean the colors of Reiki symbols. It is very important to draw and use them in the proper color. Their effectiveness depends on the proper color. You gave me the initiation in other symbols, so I could use symbols more effective.

I continue my everyday Reiki session which I think is the most important to maintain the health and cleansing blockages. First it is imperious necessary cleansing and then energizing. The light shower and the use of PSI ball (as by Sriram Bharat) it is not to forgotten mostly in winter. The shower should be done in the white pink and golden lights outside and inside. After that more then everyday Chakra cleansing which should be done from one part to the other part of the body. One should feel the lights penetrating Chakras from front side until back side and see himself in a white pink golden light grid.

All dirt black dark brown grey lights or waves have to go out of body. One should try to see that very clearly as I believe that is most important thing before ever other treatment. Being full of white, golden and pink light. After one performed cleansing if feel there is some problem can do two things: cleansing and energizing chest between Throat and Heart Chakra and because most of us cant put their hand backside it is to be visualized light in whole body part penetrating from front side and going out on backside.

Also something more efficient may be it is the use of Cho Ku Rei in white and golden on chest. It is also to be said loud the name Cho Ku Rei followed by Motor Zonar and one has to see the symbol as entering in his body and capturing all virus bacteria and everything else harmful. One has to ssay also the name Motor Zonar. After that make Cho Ku Rei again and say it. At the end draw again the Motor Zanon symbol and visualizing that the symbol put out of body all the harmful viruses and bacterias it grasp from your body. This time say loud Motor Zanon. And finish with a Cho Ku Rei. Try to visualize all the time the illness as a black wave that is converting in a black ball pulled out by the golden, white and pink light. Finish with a Sei Hei Ki in pink color, to balance.

All  of this is intuition and helps in a better affirmation. One should know what he needs from what I am telling here.I can say I used all. From all, one of my great help was Sun. I told you I played a little and for me was also very useful.When u have cold and have nothing to keep yourself warm, I discovered the same which can help. Make a use of Reiki light in the body and you will see. The same can be used in summer as well. All what is important is to have the force to do this,to make it stronger. To help the weakness I used rock salt. It is for other things too but also for cold and flu in various ways. Hot salt in a pillow and put your ear or head for pain relief. This is another blockage. Warm salty water to gargle or to put in the nose.

Something else I used but was doing for the very first time now for cold. I used this because I like ginger was the recipe that can be found on facebook as following in a glass recipient you put lemon ginger and honey and let them some time. After that you use it in the morning and in the evening or when u want it. Ginger warms very good and it is tasty. Try with tea or instead of tea. When u use it take a spoon or that mixture, put it in a glass and pour boiled water on it. Let it cool until you can drink it. Then enjoy it. Nature remedies you can find online if you search. There are many Indian sites and you have lots of other sites. I want to keep it in my mind for ever. Try to complaint none that you have pain there and here. Try to stay positive and see all the time the light. If you have a little force power then ask for help someone like a naturopath or phitoterapeut or someone who works with bioresonance and so on.

I think that if someone have little finances to pay for healing, then he should avoid green light other then heart Chakra. For example avoid green light at the plexus solar.

In conclusion I can say that at least for me when and if I will be in this situation I would first do cleansing. If I was unaware about Reiki and I had none to help, then I will take liquids as much as hot to flush toxins out of body. I will eat good diet and I would use home based remedies. If I know Reiki I will use all I know from Reiki or others techniques that help (example Chi qong). We have in our kitchens everything we need when it is helpful and good for health as in cases, which need surgery or organ damage when right we have to address to hospitals or medical centers.

It depends lot of person how quickly these natural remedies can be affective or not.

That is all for today.



We are grateful to Sonia for sharing us her Reiki healing methods and you all to accept and share with fellow energies.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain