Thanks to all Teachers, our receivers, students and fellow energies

saturday delivery on soma Thanks to all Teachers, our receivers, students and fellow energies SOMA OVERNIGHT COD Our Teachers, Parents, friends, relatives, known, unknown and all fellow energies, we hereby salute you all for your co operation and love. We are really grateful to have you around us and your blessings have been helping us in our path to a better future. It is your love and kind support only, which is helping us reach new heights and accomplish new challenges in our journey full of love and light.

This day of Guru Poornima is celebrated here in India, where we all pay our gratitude to our teachers and other fellow energies, who helped us someway. Therefore, we here are trying to give a call or meet our fellow teachers and guardians and giving our thanks. We all here are happy to see our students visiting our Reiki center and bringing in sweets and celebrating this noble day with their love.

Dai Ko Myo
Dai Ko Myo


This day seem to be unforgettable for us in our life, as we all gather and meet our fellow energies and students at one place. This day seem to be giving us happiness and a feeling of gratitude in our life, where we are able to thank our teachers. We were taught Reiki at RHF, so we are grateful to Mrs. and Mr. N. K. Sharma from the center and also our other teacher Mr. Narendar. We are also thankful to our all the teachers, who helped us learn alphabets, make us learn to speak, understand and a good vocab. Without them, we would be still living in dark, so we are really thankful to our all the teachers, that taught us in any part of our life.

We are also thankful to our fellow Reiki Masters Jitender Kumar, Navneet Mathur, Sudhir Rampal, Yashodhan Borkar, Zahoor, Mady, Jay Shree Iyer, Mehul Jain, Mrinal and some more, whose name we are unable to mention due to privacy. We are also thankful to our family, including my loving wife Priyanka, my lovely God gifted kids Vibhor Jain and Abhay Jain. We are grateful to our Dyal Singh College, English  lecturer Mr Khullar, Mr Roshan Lal Jain, Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs Kapoor and many more. I apologize as I have a short memory because of my Thyroids problem, or I would love to mention every name for whom I am grateful. I am also honored to have Mrs. and Mr. Anil Langar from Interactions, Dilshad Gadrn, Delhi as our Teacher. We wish our whole hearten blessings and gratitude to all the energies which crossed our path someway or the other.

We are thankful for my Godly mother Frankie, whose support helped me at times of need, my far off brother Brett, who I love dearly and wish him my best of love and blessings. I am thankful to my sister Monika Jain, Niece Akshita Jain and Nephew Dushyant Jain, and am happy to be a part of their family.

Thanks to you all, thanks friends, energies.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain