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buy Soma with no rx Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for helping me in finding new ways to help self and other fellow energies. As always, I am keen to learn new methods, modalities, energy systems. As shared earlier, I attended a two-day workshop on midbrain activation in Delhi, which promised me to open new gates, which it really did. generic Soma no prescription overnight Before attending, I was curious, so searched youtube and google to know more about it. I got even more curious when I saw kids reading books and identifying colors with closed eyes. I was sort of amazed to know the possibilities, so I immediately made my mind to join the training workshop, without giving a second thought. 

I attended the training and was able to sense some new lessons in my life and was working on self by understanding how I can implement these new learning on self. I was amazed to see our trainer Mr. Ravinder moving things from a distance, by just his focus on them. He showed similar few more tricks, which were quite impressive. I know that these may sound difficult to believe, but since I saw them myself and even worked on moving piece of paper with success. We all the participants were able to move match stick, paper, needle as the directions given.

I was quite optimistic and hopeful for my new learnings and how I will use them in my future missions. I realized that we were taught on how to use our all five senses randomly for using them differently. Like for example, we use eyes to see, hands to touch, nose to smell, tongue for taste and ear to hear. What is possible if we use hands to see things, eyes to sense and even move things, ears to taste things etc. It may sound funny, but I have already started working on this and am sure to get some results in near future.

If I am able to move things with different sense or thru distance, I will be able to improvise healing techniques and much more. I am sure that my article will open much more minds and thought processes of those who are willing to contribute to the universe. I am also going to work on Autism and some other cases, using DMIT and brain training workshop lessons, along with Reiki energy.

I need your blessings, cooperation, and support, the way you all can and wish to.

Thanks to you all.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain