Sharing keep me alive soma buy cheap Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for sending us all your love, blessings and kind support. It is you all, who keep me alive in the world of Reiki with other cosmic energies. As you all know that I am just a normal human being like you all, having a manufacturing – exporting business in India, I do get times when I have my low mood swings. I am however am thankful to you all, and my Reiki and other teachers of my life, who are helping me in my ongoing journey.

I have learned a small saying that sharing helps, and believe me, it worked on me like a miracle. I have been sharing the Reiki healing and other experiences of mine here on this blog . And this has been a great way to keep me alive in my path of success and happiness in life. 

Whenever we share anything of our life with the people in our world, it helps us a lot as the people with whom we shared, keep it alive for us. Suppose if I say that I work on self healing everyday and also do distance Reiki healing for my Reiki grid, twice a day, even if I forget or think of postponing it, you all help me in keeping my routine alive. I have been practicing meditation, self healing, distance healing as my regular practice, and am happy to do it everyday, without a fail. Sometimes, I myself am confused and amazed to see myself so much energetic and fresh, even at the end of day. My friends, and whoever meet me for the first time is also happy to see so, and try to copy for a better life style.

It has been a few years, when I started my life, living with Reiki healing energy, and now, it is just a way for me to live. I am now using Reiki healing energy, EFT, PSI Healing, Theta healing and body talking energy in my healing / teachings. I am sure that I will be able to learn more of sciences, so as to help this world a bit much more better.

Reiki Blessings, love, light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain