Secret energy generator of almost all Yantras

Secret energy generator of almost all Yantras

Fellow energies, as always, we have been grateful for you all in your spontaneous support and love. It is with your encouraging emails and suggestions only, that we are able to update ourself with latest findings and still keep looking for much more new. We have been trying to look for any new learning, that we can share with you all here.

Recently, we were trying to understand the reason behind the energy in almost all the Yantras and different occult objects. It has been our curiosity to learn new things and if we could help our fellow energies in some better way. We took many Yantras with us and sat with our fellow Reiki Masters, discussing it, but it seemed something deep behind them, which we all were lacking or unable to see.

yantra by Reiki Energy healers
yantra by Reiki Energy healers

We all placed all the Yantras in our center, and started a small meditation and keep taking small breaks in between and keep interacting. After about 2 hour of discussions and meditation, we saw something unusual and peculiar in almost all the Yantras, which we were skipping. If you want to have a small look on to it, you can try looking on to these and see if you can find. If you are still unable to see, try to zoom in the image and try again.


Now, we are here to reveal this small secret and we are going to help you out here now and would not take your more time. If we see the middle part of the Yantra, you can see that two vertical triangles are there. These are a different symbol and are a lot different as what we thought as simple triangles.

One of the triangle, which is pointed upwards, denotes a male and the one pointing downwards show a female. This inter crossing of symbol is a mutual effort or a union of a male and a female, resulting in to burst of huge energy.

We know that this could be taken in many ways, right or wrong, good or bad, but we have seen and can see people around us. The family, where a couple is happy, the family is happier than others and both male and female are successful in every zone of their respective life. It just means that where there is a space between any couple, or a misunderstanding in a couple, the happiness and success is away from them. Any male or female, if is away from their partner or is single, may have good rise in life, but still if they are with their opposite sex, they would have almost everything they need.

Anywhere, where the couple is happy, they generate a huge energy, knowingly or unknowingly, the result is sure to be a good one. We would just like to suggest all the people out here, that if you are married try to be happy with your spouse and keep your life happy and successful.

Thanks for your kind understanding, and we would love to see you all happy. If any of you are confused or are unwilling to agree, please excuse us, as this is just our personal prospective. This is just what we felt and are sharing here, and if you think that this is a just our made story or else, we apologize in advance.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain