Reiki symbol Tibetan Aum SOMA OVERNIGHT COD Reiki symbol Tibetan Aum Buying Soma overnight delivery Fellow energies, we are here, once again sharing some different Reiki symbols, taught to us and which we teach our students here. These symbols were found or created by RHF (Reiki Healing Foundation) and other Reiki organizations in India, and now we are sharing them with you. As per our promise last time, we would like to share all the techniques learned by us and whatever we teach or learn. We have been trying to share almost everything giving a good result in our Reiki Healing so that you all can also share and perform better.

soma cod saturday It is our only way so as to help with our best, therefore we would like you too that you share your knowledge with others. This process will help all of us to spread a lot of love and positive light in this Universe.

Today, we are going to discuss and share Tibetan Aum Reiki symbol here with you all. Aum as you all know, is the base of all Chants and is also known as Lord Ganesha. As Lord Ganesha is worshiped and called before any other God or Goddess, Aum is chanted at the first place before any chant. It is the first word of all Chants. All the chants start with the magical and mystical word ‘Aum’.

tibetan om or Tibetan Aum
tibetan om or Tibetan Aum

This symbol as most of us know is for cleansing any kind of blockage in our Chakras. This symbol is very much useful in cleansing Psychic attack of any energy, If we keep this symbol print out with us, it will help keeping negative energies away from us. Since this symbol has all the qualities of Aum, we need to draw it before any other Reiki symbol, I mean even before power Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei.

I know that most Reiki institutions teach that power Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei has to be drawn first, but as per our personal vision and thoughts, if you need to use Aum Reiki symbol in your Reiki Healings, you need to draw ‘Aum’ first.

This Reiki symbol also possess a lot of energy so it also need to be drawn by any Reiki Master only. Since Reiki Healers could be missing that supreme energy, as should be used with Reiki symbol.

Friends and fellow energies, we are highly thankful to you all for your continuous support and love, because of which, we are able to do this much. It would be very difficult for us to do it all alone. Thank you once again.


Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain