Reiki Symbol colors final

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order soma with no prescription Fellow energies, here we are going to explain some of the final Reiki symbol colors which we must share with you all here.  We know that you all are being impatient to know about rest of the Reiki symbols and want to know about them. We all are sure that you are now able to work better on your Reiki Healings with the help of adding these color visualizations during your Reiki Healings.

Udreak Reiki symbol is used for sealing Reiki Energy after a Reiki healing session with the receiver. We had been doing this with Cho Ku Reiki too, and we can also use Udreka. This symbol is not a power symbol, but should still be visualized in white color.  This symbol also help in establishing a continuous flow of energy with supreme if the connection is made during initiations or psychic attack removal.

Swastika symbol is to be visualized in Red color. This symbol prevent any energy from the bad energies, bring peace around it and creates harmony in the personal life. This symbol as per Hinduism and Jainism is made during start of anything good and positive.

Shamin Reiki symbol is to be visualized in orange or golden color. This symbol is to prevent from insect bites, relieving from slight pains or combination with Cho Ku Rei for Acute pains. This symbol is seen helping a lot for energies with bad backache.

Apta Reiki symbol as again can be used for a peace in organizations. It can be a family or a office staff too. Since we all love our business, office as a family, this symbol comes to as as a gift for ambiance where at times, there is tension created at times.

Sati Reiki symbol is to be prepared and visualized as per the needs of the receiver. This is one of the most powerful symbol to redefine love in a couple and love birds. This symbol can also be used to block off and remove the third unwanted energy from the life of a couple’s life.

Lotus Reiki symbol can be visualized in White, Red, Pink or golden. This color depends upon the need of the receiver.

Heart symbol as per name itself shows that it is meant to create any kind of blockage in heart of receiver or their spouse. This symbol is to be visualized in rose red color and should be showered with a tons of this symbol (since we all need a lot of love). Also we can use a energy symbol in heart symbol to energize it.

Fellow energies, I am sure that you all are now able to understand these symbol colors and will try to follow these.

Thank you for your regular trust and confidence in us.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain