Reiki store to be operational by me again soma buy cheap Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your love, support and the blessings. We also apologise for the delay and confusion created on our Reiki store, as it had to be done and operated by our fellow Reiki Master Jitender Kumar, but due to some personal reasons, he refused now. He tried his best and was working using some different softwares, but due to his personal reasons, he is going to work on some other complete new website. Since our blog is a wordpress based blog, things are different from the platform, he used to work and is familiar with. buy Soma no prior script I will however start working on the blog and our offline store again, myself here, while the online store by Jitender will be different. I know my faults and inability to give a great design or lay out, as you all expect for a store to be. I will therefore be working on a simple, offline store, where payments can be transferred using bank transfer, paypal, and the details are already updated on this blog.

You all are requested to send the requirement clearly, along with the postal address, so that we can evaluate and check the courier charges accurately. For business reasons or for bulk buyers, the prices will definitely be different from those of retail buyers. We do have our IEC no., and approval for exports as well, so volume supply should be easy.

We are grateful to Mr Jitender kumar to guide us and help us in structuring our blog, where as Ms Jhuma for speeding our blog for the viewers and readers. We wish them a successful and love filled life, with all they ever want in life to be with them.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain