Reiki Masters or Reiki Grand Masters

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for sending your queries, emails and suggestions and we are happy to resolve them if possible to best of our knowledge. It is our duty to reply each and every mail of yours, weather we are able to give a solution in short time or have to wait for some more time. We understand that this delay or our efforts will be very well taken in a positive manner only.

Last week, we got an mail from our Australian fellow Reiki Healer, Amy who wanted to know that why do we like other few Indians are using name Reiki Grand Masters, unlike other Reiki Masters. She wanted to know if it is really some special certification done for this degree or we are doing just to feed our ego. It made me and our fellow Reiki Grand Masters think for what and how should the email be replied. Finally, we felt that we should update it on this website, so that many others, who may have similar feeling may get to know it.

Actually, as we have told earlier too, in India, Reiki is taught in five different levels, unlike 3 or 4 in different parts of the world. We here have a lot of different additions in our workshops here, which may look different as in other places. In India, during level 3, we teach Psychic Surgery, Kineseology, Psychic Attack removal, teach Reiki Sati Grid (which is a powerful tool for healing relationships), attune for the Reiki Master symbol Dai Ko Myo and give some more new Reiki symbols to make Reiki Healing much more faster and effective. We here teach symbols Apta, Vasudha, Zonar, Hosanna, Motor Zonar etc. We have already given the detail in earlier articles with their images for better visualizations.

In our level 4, we give them all a Master attunement, and teach them for how to give attunement and teaching up till level 3. We also provide them some material, so as which can come handy in their career of teaching till level 3. After this level, our student is allowed to use his certificates and to teach till level 3, with his initial as Reiki Master. In the level 5, where we give him all the secrets of Reiki in detail, give him a final attunement, where he is allowed to create new Reiki symbols and new attunements for different purpose. Now he is allowed to share and discuss any further doubts which he learns with time and personal experience. He is than taught for all the 5 attunements, the difference and gap to be maintained in all, and to create a HUGE crystal Reiki Grid. This grid can be used to do a mass Reiki Healing for any no. of energies easily and with very little effort. We here also try to arrange for the crystals and other material needed for the Reiki Grid is asked for.

In some countries, the Reiki teachers are a bit confused for why do we made this change in India. Actually, as we all know that Gautam Buddha was here in India for sometime and also in Tibet and had taught to some here too. He and other Reiki Masters always gave a small lesson to us that try to give your full and all energy to your student. Try to share all whatever you have with your students, without thinking that he will do better than you. If the student is better, it should be good only, as our main purpose is to spread love and light in this Universe only. We must all avoid any kind of ego or have any prestige issue or get jealous to see our students or fellow energies getting better success. We all should only try to share all we learn from our teachers, fellow energies or personal experiences with others, so that we can spread a better and positive energy around us.

We are thankful to you all for helping us in spreading love and light in this Universe.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain