Reiki Healing of Pets

Reiki Healing of Pets

Fellow Energies, we had been discussing about Reiki Energy and Reiki Healing in general, but here we got some new requests for the Reiki Healing of Pets. Since now a days many people are keeping pets and with the time, these pets are like any other family member only. So, if they have any kind of health issue, our fellow energies gets worried and want them to be okay and perfect as soon as they can.

We have seen that our fellow energies are keeping cats, dogs, birds etc. for pets and feel touched when they are healed. We must tell you all that almost all the pets are a good receivers and respond very fast for the healing done. We here have done Reiki Healing for their broken bones, infections, cuts and flu. Till now, we have been getting a 100% sure success in the process.

If the pet is with us, we should first of all try be friendly and caring towards it. We should first purify all the negativity from the pet. In this process, if we can, we should try to use our both palms only, since instruments may be used when needed. We must than should give Reiki to their brow Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. We must also remember to give healing to their Heart Chakra for a better flow of blood in their veins. We should keep our hand on their Chakras for about 3-5 minutes for one particular Chakra. We should also put our hand on their blocked body part, if we can so that the blockage is dissolved and burnt. After giving them this shower of white light with our palms, we should also keep in mind to establish and lock the energy at their Heart Chakra.

This Reiki Healing should be done for about 30-40 minutes for the pet. After disconnecting, one must keep in mind to pay gratitude to their Reiki Teachers, fellow energies and the pet for whom they did the healing.

Thank you all for sharing.

Love and Light to all of you and yours.

Vineet Jain