Reiki healing for stopped periods

Doctor shopping for Soma prescription Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your regular emails, which help us updated and in a continuous process of writing and sharing articles here. It is our pleasure to have so many positive and well wisher energies here and are thankful to each one of you out here. We here are trying our best to keep sharing all what we learn or are taught, so as to keep our receiving and giving open and keep flowing.

Last Monday, one of our student Reiki grand Master from London U.K. contacted and she told us that she was having troubles with her periods. She told us that they were due two days before, and she already had started seeing the symptoms like backache and irritation in her body, but till date, they were missing and causing her stress. It was really a painful and stressful thing, as we know that all women love to have their periods on due time, and for their respective durations, so as to stay healthy. Periods are just to get off the impurities from their body, along with the impure blood and this is why when any female is having periods, we call that they are on their renovation, It just means that they will be fresh with new blood cells and will be free from any kind of blockage that could cause any health trouble.

However, as the age increases for females, they gets suspicious and are scared to get their menopause, since they feel like something is missing. Most of the females hate when they are on their periods, but on the same time, they also are unable to accept the Menopause stage. Therefore, the delay of periods is also termed as bad for females, and we have to do something immediately, without wasting a single minute.

I asked her to take some fresh fruits, vegetables or dry fruits in her meals, and skip any kind cooked consumable for a day, as her Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra looked blocked. Also, since her periods were to come, her Base Chakra was completely blocked, and a healthy diet was needed to improve her digestive system. We than used Reiki symbols Cho Ky Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai koo Myo, Zonar and Apta on her these three Chakras. Finally we established Cho Ku Rei on her Heart Chakra for a continuous flow of Reiki energy in her all seven Chakras, even after we are disconnected from her.


Today morning, when I was checking emails, I found her email stating that she got her periods last night and she thanked us for helping us. I am however pleased to know that her blockage was removed and she was again back to a normal female that was on renovations now. I am thankful to her and you all, who are helping us in moving ahead and spreading Reiki love and light in this universe.

Reiki blessing, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain