Reiki Healing for muscle Lump with fluid in head

Fellow Reiki energies, we are grateful to you all for helping us with your Reiki blessings, kind support with queries. We are also thankful to those Reiki energies, who are sharing and spreading our articles with the procedures, which is helping us in our mission. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers, fellow energies and the ultimate teacher Mikao Usui.

This Wednesday only, we have shared you about a Reiki healing, which just came to us, and we were confused about the reference, but started working on it, since it was a case of immediate need. However, by that day noon, we were able to know that how did they find our contact details and what all happened. This is the Reiki healing of a very small girl of 5 year age, with a small muscle lump of about 2.8mm in her head. This girl is from Gujrat, India and was referred by one of our fellow Reiki energy, known to them. We are thankful to her too, for giving us this noble opportunity of burning blockages, using Reiki healing healing.

We had already initiated her photograph in our Reiki grid on Wednesday, as we also told you about it, and started working. We felt that the Aura was being blocked from some outer energies, and she needs to be protected, so we asked her family members to keep some rock salt around her when possible, otherwise, they can do the same with her photograph. Here in our Reiki grid, we also did the same, along with a few crystals pyramids and crystal pencils around.

We performed a Psychic Attack removal healing for her, and are also using Psychic surgery technique for a faster recovery. We are using Reiki symbols, like Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Apta, Vasudha, Rama, Raku, Zonar, Motor Zonar, and finally Tibetan Dai Koo Myo with Krya Reiki symbol for protection from any kind of negative energy attack. Today morning only, we got to know that she had gone for an operation yesterday, which went thru a great success. Now she was in ICCU ward, and all the family members are waiting for her to open her eyes and return to senses. Since we are keeping a regular check on her, we do feel that she will be fine in about two hours from now, but may need precautions and other care to be taken for sometime.

She may take some more time to recover fully, but we are confident of Reiki energy that she will recover soon, and we will be able to see her laughing, dancing and living her normal life. We are grateful to you all for helping us in spreading Reiki healing energy in this small universe.

Reiki Blessings

Love and Light

Vineet Jain