Reiki Healing for lost cat

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Fullfilled_life Soma online with next day shipping Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for sharing your suggestions and sending your kind testimonials. Today, I am sharing a similar testimonial of a fellow energy, who was sad as her cat went missing.

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She messaged me and asked if I could do scanning ir healing for her lost cat. She also asked me if I had worked on similar cases in past. I assured her and asked her for the image, name, birth details (if any) and her address. After getting all the details, I drew Reiki Symbol Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. All the three Reiki symbols were clearly visible, while drawing on cat with my closed eyes.

This gave me the feel that Cat is near by and should return with in a week. I told her the same, and she was super excited. She kept on asking if I was sure, and I had to reconfirm her. The cat returned with in a week and she just mailed me the testimonial as under for sharing with you all.

It was a superb experience by Vineet ji when I lost my cat for almost 10days and searched all of the areas but was not getting any hope to come back. Day by day I was losing my hope and then I contacted Mr. Vineet on 12th day and he asked me for my cat’s pic and mine as well and then after an hour he assured me for his returning back to home within 2 to 3days and told me the location also from where he would come.And we really got astonished when just after 3 days we got him (my cat) back and it was really unbelievable for us. It was very first time when he got misplaced for this much long period, I am really thankful to Vineet ji such a great personality with having supreme powers of knowledge. This is such a great gift from Mr Vineet to me. I would always be thankful for him. Many Many Thanks to extremely talented, knowledgeable Vineet ji!!