Reiki Healing for loose motions

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Fellow Energies, it is our honor to have you with us and helping us in our sharing of the Reiki Healings done by us. As you all are aware that any effort made all alone is tough to handle, but once you have fellow energies on your side, everything is easy and simple. As requested by one of our receiver, we are here sharing the Reiki healing done by one of our Reiki Masters for loose motion.

We all know that if our Solar Plexus is unable to work properly, we either get constipation or have loose motions. There are some other health problems occurring due to the blockage of malfunctioning of Solar Plexus Chakra. Some of these are as told, than Gastric problem, Ulcers, Stones, Kidney or Lever damages etc. We just mean to say that all of these problem arise due to the insufficient movement of Solar Plexus Chakra.

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Last month, we got a call from 108 Muni Shri Punya Sagar Ji Maharaj for his Brahamchari ‘Punyansh’ was having loose motions and needed help. It was a bad news for us, and we immediately ran to see him and give Reiki healing for a better health and working of his Solar Chakra. When we reached there, Punyansh was in washroom for too long and we had to wait for about 30 minutes for him to come.

When he came out, he was unable to walk much and was pale with weakness. He than reached his room and lied down heavily and was a lot weak and feeling too cold. We than asked him to relax, have confidence and faith on Reiki, since we were now going to work on him. We than asked him to close his eyes and lie down as if sleeping and just visualize white color. We than tried to burn all of his blockages and negativity if any and started clearing his Solar plexus. We also made his Solar Chakra working faster and without any kind of blockage. We place our hands over his Solar Chakra and asked him to visualize orange color.

It took about 30 minutes for our Reiki Healing session and we worked on him for about 3 sessions for it. After these three sessions of Reiki Healing, he seemed to have forgot all kind of pain or weakness and was perfectly fit as always. We were really happy to see him smiling and hear his laughter back. It was really one of the healings we might find difficult to forget since Punyansh has been like a baby when was bedridden.

We are very much thankful to all of your support and good wishes for helping us in this one more Reiki Healings. We all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters from Reiki Energy Healers are grateful of you for your tremendous support.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain