Reiki Healing for improving relationship

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your emails, messages and telephone calls helping our journey towards a better tomorrow. We are happy to share our latest updates with you all, and are pleased to share them with you all Reiki Healings done by us our our fellow Reiki healers. This sharing with you give us all a feeling of relaxation and comfort that we are just happy to see that all of these articles are helpful for all. We are happy to tell you one thing here, that all the articles written here about Reiki healings done are real and genuine articles, tried, by us ourselves or our fellow Reiki Healers. You can use and try them for yourself or your receivers to get a 100% sure shot outcome, so have full faith on Reiki Healing energy.

One of our Indian female friend from United States was telling her bad relationship with her parents last month. She was very much stressed and confused, since she was about to be homeless, sometime soon and need her parents to support her. She asked us to do some powerful Reiki healing for her, so as to burn the blockage in their relationship, so that they can allow her stay with them. We than took her permission for placing her in our Reiki grid for a continuous Reiki Healing and a powerful effect on her and parents.

Since she was in an urgent need of Reiki healing, we immediately placed her photograph and details in our Reiki grid, so as to help her with Reiki Healing energy. We asked our fellow Reiki Masters, so as what could be done for removing the blockage from her relationship with her parents. We all want to do something, so as to improve and let her stay happily with her parents, so that they all are happy with each other. We therefore established a Milan Reiki grid for her and her parents, and initiated that the relationship is all fine, and the blockage is all burnt. We thus connected it with our Master’s Reiki grid, so as to give its share of continuous flow of Reiki energy.

After a long time, today evening we heard from her that her parents have accepted her, and her relationship was all fine, and controlled. She told us that her dad asked her to stay with them and was trying to forget any kind of issues with her, that happened in past. This small news was able to spread smile and make us happy, much more grateful and indebted towards Reiki energy. ‘It really is really a miracle or some too powerful thing that helped me get back with my parents’, was her words. She was really happy and calm, which gave us all a small reason to cheer and celebrate one more evening with sweets, Carrot Halwa, a seasonal dessert.

We are thankful to our Reiki teachers, fellow Reiki Masters, Reiki healers and all of you for your kind support, blessings, love and light.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain