Reiki Healing for Heart Stroke Cheap Soma without prescription next day fedex overnight generic Soma no prescription overnight Reiki Healing for Heart Stroke

doctor shopping for soma prescription Fellow energies, we apologize for updating fewer articles to you here, unlike earlier and we are extremely sorry for all this. This is just for the reason that I, Vineet Jain am leaving to Dubai (UAE) in mid September 2011 for sometime. I will be there for a minimum duration of 30 days to a maximum of 90 days. I will try to establish my Irrigation components trading business there, and will be taking a few Reiki workshops and Reiki healings as well. soma no prior prescription Since all of this needs a lot of paper work and other things to be ready with me, I am a bit busy, and trying to focus on what Reiki is directing me. There are some personal reasons, making me leave my family here, but I am sure that there must be something better hidden in it. Anyway, I must cut it short and come back to today’s Reiki healing, which you all want to read.

Today morning, one of our friend called us, and told us that her mother had a stroke and is admitted in a hospital. He was very sad and sounded like depressed, so we wanted to help him as much as we could. We asked him to be calm, and just try to be at a place, where he can see his mother from a distance.

We than connected his mother through her and started sending Reiki Healing to her. We made power symbol Cho Ku Rei for clearing the space for connecting to him and his mother. Than we made Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for connecting to him and than once again for connecting to his mother. Than we made Reiki Power symbol Cho Ku Rei once again for clearing any sort of negativity or blockage in either of them. After that, we performed a Psychic surgery on his mother, clearing all the valve blockage (cause of the stroke) and used the supreme Reiki Master symbol Dai Ko Myo, so as to give her all the positive energy she needed in its golden color. We than also made the Reiki symbol Zonar for connecting her to this life and visualized her happy and kept her connected to a happy and healthy life. After that, we made Reiki Fire serpent over her, for a continuous Reiki energy flow on into her.

zonar Reiki symbol
zonar Reiki symbol

Finally, we once again made Cho ku Rei and established the Reiki energy into her.  Than we disconnected from her and our friend, cleared our Reiki Wands and hands. in the end, we pay our gratitude to our Reiki teachers and friends and fellow energies. We also gave our thanks to Reiki energy and all we can.

Later today evening, we got a call from our friend that his mother is feeling a lot better and is out of danger. She was out of any kind of risk and was allowed to leave the hospital in a day or two. The friend was too much excited to tell this and got us share this excitement with you all here.

Thanks a lot to you all and your kind support, love, since it meant a lot to us.

Love and Light to you all and yours


Vineet Jain