Reiki Healing for good relationship SOMA OVERNIGHT COD Fellow Reiki energies, we are grateful of you for your continuous blessings and love, which has been helping us in spreading increasing love and light in this Universe. It is our pleasure to share all that we learn with our and your personal experiences, since it does help to others as well.

buy soma online Last month, we got a call from our friend Tina from United States of America (USA), since she was having some issues with her parents. She was so scared that she wanted to avoid meeting them, but we knew that she love them a lot and she just made some mistakes in past, which she want to apologize. She asked us to heal her relationship and want a better understanding with her parents, since she had been too much stressed.

We ask her to come online on Yahoo messenger and start her web cam, so that we could do some online protection and healing. She needed sometime to get a webcam attached to her laptop, and was than ready for the online Reiki healings. We asked her to avoid any kind of black clothes and any other object, that may irritate her during the Reiki Healing session. We also asked her to put her mobile on silent and also to switch off any TV or else, that may disturb her.

After all this was set, we started our Reiki Healing session, in which we cleared and purified all of her main 7 Chakras. After the cleaning process, using Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, we balanced her using Reiki balancing and emotional symbol Sei Hei Ki. After this, we used our Raster reiki symbol Dai Ko Myo and other Reiki symbols Apta, Vasudha to heal her financial and relationship issues. After this, we made Reiki symbol Zonar, so as to make her good relationship with her parents and visualized that she is with them and is very happy. we than finally established Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei at her Heart Chakra.

We also made a Reiki symbol for a continuous flow of Reiki energy on her, since she might need it in future. It was done and finally we disconnected and paid gratitude to Reiki Energy, our Reiki Teachers, our receiver Tina and other fellow energies. We also give our thanks for our fellow Reiki Grand masters, our Reiki grid and our self.

We got a call from her next day that her parents were very much loving and caring. They seem to have forgot any kind of issue with her, and she was going to stay there over the weekend and may be till the Christmas Party at her home. We all were really excited and were happy to see that her things were in order and fine. We are now sharing this article with you all, so that you can practice the same for your receivers or yourself and get it done with success, the way we did.

Thanks to you all for your love and light, just keep stay with us, as you are now.

Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.


Vineet Jain