Reiki Healing for Gall Bladder stone Soma No Prior Script Overnight Reiki Healing for Gall Bladder stone

buy soma C.O.D. Fellow Energies, we are really glad to see that you are now spreading love and light in this Universe with better force and enthusiasm. It really make us feel good when we see that this world is getting much more positive energies than it used to in early times. We are now able to see that now a lot of blockages are burnt off and a lot of Chakras are cleared by many Reiki Energy Healers all around the globe. Even when we visit any social networking website, we can see endless list of Light workers who are doing a great work for mankind.

buy soma prescription Last month, we got a call from one of our friends with a bad abdomen pain and that he was unable to walk or stand due to the pain and the pain was getting unbearable. We understood that the pain must be due to stone in his Kidney or Gall Bladder, since pain is severe there. However, we reached his home and saw him lying on bed, suffering with pain on the zenith. However, it was a condition of our friend, which bought tears in our eyes as it was very tough to see any of our fellow energy in dilemma.

We gave him our Reiki Energy Charged water solution to drink and lie down, while we did some touch Reiki Healing on him. We than asked him to go for an Ultra Sound scanning of his full abdomen to check for stone. Later that evening, we were confirmed that he has about eleven stones in his Gall Bladder and need to be done a laser surgery or his Gall Bladder need to be removed. It was rather a sad news for us, but we however took his reports with us to our Reiki Healing Center.

We than asked him to lie down for sometime, till the time we perform a small session of Psychic surgery on him. In this Psychic surgery, we will try to remove all the stones from his Gall Bladder, so he might feel some movement down there. We asked him to lie down every day till we ask him to, so that the operation and surgery could be avoided. We took his permission for giving Reiki Healing every day and performing Psychic surgery every alternate day for 21 days (as per Reiki guidelines)

Today we got a good news that the number of stones in his Gall Bladder reduced from 11 to 5 in these 21 day Reiki session. When we were talking to him, he was sounding lighter and pleased while our discussion. We asked him to bring his latest scanning reports, so that we can show and share it with our fellow energies, and might upload on the website as well. Till the time he get us the reports, we are updating you all about the Reiki Healing done and the details here, so that you can do the same for energy around you.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain