Reiki healing for Dementia

Soma shipped with no prescription Fellow energies, once again we give you our best of wishes for the new calender year 2013 to you all and yours, with wishes of a happy, love filled life for you all. We are thankful to you all for all for your all of love, blessings, support (mental or financial), emails, suggestions and comments. These all the ways, and in whatever way you were with us, but it really did helped us a lot in a better understanding of Reiki energy and energies around us. We are still in a learning phase to understand on how to spread more of Reiki Love and Light in this universe.

BUY Soma CASH ON DELIVERY ~ PURCHASE Soma COD We are grateful to all of our fellow energies, receivers, who are sending us their requests for Reiki healings and also to those who are sharing their personal experiences and Reiki healings done by them. It feels great when you accomplish that what you felt and did was also done the same way by other fellow Reiki practitioners too. Today, we are sharing such a Reiki healing, done by our fellow Reiki Master, who did a successful Reiki healing to her friend’s mother, who had been suffering from Dementia since some months.

Our fellow Reiki Master Ms Jay Shree from Norway had came in to our contact last year in the month of July. She at that time, asked us if she should go for the Reiki Mastership, as it is an expensive course to do, and if she will be able to work and clear huge blockages. We talked to her and made her understand one small thing that none of us is doing anything or clearing any kind of blockage. It is all Reiki energy, which is burning or clearing blockages and making life free from negativity. We all are just tools, so anyone who is attuned to Reiki and have a good knowledge on how to use the Reiki energy and Reiki symbols in a good way, can help. We all just give the direction and initiation with a proper affirmation to this Reiki energy, and rest all work is on to Reiki to work, If some blockage takes time to clear, it is only because of the blockage is coming for longer time or possibly from past life.

She after taking her Reiki Mastership from a fellow Reiki Master there, told us about it and was very much excited. She later, in the next month of September, told us that one of her best friend’s mother had been suffering from Dementia and would like to know on what Reiki symbols and affirmations to be used for clearing the blockages.

Dementia, as we all know is a blockage, which occurs at Crown Chakra, Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra and Base Chakra. Sometimes, this blockage may block all of the seven Chakras, and the fellow energies may take the patient as if having a Psychic attack. Truly speaking, for healing and clearing blockages of such a receiver, we also need to perform the Psychic Attack removal procedure and place our receiver in to receive a Reiki Grid Healing. The affirmations used should be like that our receiver …… is free from any kind of blockage, so is living a happy, healthy and love filled life.

Now, we should also try to use Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki at his all the seven Chakras, but we should be working more at the receiver’s Heart and Base Chakra. Please note that during most of the huge blockages, our receiver may feel like they have to make frequent visits to washrooms, but it is just because for their blockage and negativity is being extracted out. We can use Dai Koo Myo, the Reiki Master symbol, only while doing Psychic surgery or replacement of major body parts. If touch healing can be given, we should try to give at least 5 minutes to each of the seven Chakras for burning as much of blockage as possible. Grid healing will also help in a faster recovery and blockage removal from all of the seven Chakras.

The receiver should avoid using dark or black colored clothes or objects around them, as it may block Reiki energy getting to them. In meals, any kind of junk food, too much oily, spicy food may also be avoided. Alcohol, tobacco, smoking and non veg meals should be completely stopped. Bare foot morning walk (on grass if possible), sitting or lying down in Sun, long breathing sessions in open air, Yoga (if possible), light exercise, Fresh Juices, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits are advised for a speedy recovery.

Ms Jay Shree told us that after about four months of Reiki healing, her friend’s mother was a lot better and have almost recovered fully. However, her friend have asked her to continue Reiki till 2-3 more sessions of 21 days, till she is fit and fine like earlier. She have been paying her for every 21 day of healing, but this time, she was paid extra as for gratitude and to see her mother improving a lot. She had earlier been trying many medicines and treatments, but look like Reiki was a perfect treatment for her mother.

Jay Shree also send some payments to us, along with her love, gratitude and mail with this Reiki healing experience to us, so as to share with you all. We are grateful to her for sending us all she did and are sure that we will continue to work using Reiki energy to clear blockages from this world.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain