Reiki healing for conceiving a healthy baby


Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your mails, comments, filled with love and gratitude towards Reiki healing energy. We are pleased to feel so much of positive light from all over the world, and are sure for a changed tomorrow. 

Today, we got an enriching message at facebook, by one of our fellow Reiki energy Ms.  Soma Cod Overnight Delivery Sonia Sethi from Patiala, India. She is a regular Reiki practitioner, and has been following Reiki since many years now. She send us a message on our facebook group, giving her gratitude to Reiki healing energy, and sharing her healing done. She had written us this message in Hindi language, so we are now translating it and sharing it with you all.

Hi all fellow energies, I am Sonia from Patiala, and am sharing Reiki healing done for my Aunt’s daughter in law, who had a miscarriage after her two months of pregnancy. After this, she put on a lot of weight, making it difficult to conceive again. This was also giving her some other health issues, as she was very much upset and stressed. She is a working female, so she contacted Ms Sonia for her Reiki healing, if it was possible. Within a period of three months of Reiki healing, she lost about 10 Kgs of weight and also did conceived again. After a few tests, the doctors told them that the baby was very weak, so she had to go for bed rest, for giving proper care to baby and mother. After several tests later, the doctors told them that the baby’s naval cord is missing, which has to be developed soon. With the help of Reiki and some medicinal support, the baby developed the cords and is now in this world. He completed his 2nd month last week, and is fit, fine. His and his mother is now having a healthy and happy life, so she wanted to share this with us about it.

She told us that she had been reading various articles about Reiki healing methods on net, and was confident that she will be able to help. She is thankful to her Reiki teachers and Reiki energy for guiding her to successful healing.

We took her permission before sharing it with you all, and now, are sharing with you all. We are thankful to Ms cod pay soma Sonia Sethi, you all, our Reiki teachers, Reiki energy.

Reiki Blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain