Reiki healing for Cancer for energy exchange of your choice

buy soma without prescription Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for sharing your views, ideas and comments, which are helping us in my journey towards a blockage free life. I myself and other fellow energies of are very much thankful to our Reiki teachers, with you all. We all have been working on Cancer healings and realized a saddening fact. Many of cancer patients are either unable to afford or have a less will for Reiki healing for their blockages.

I, after a long and detailed discussion with fellow Reiki Masters, concluded on helping cancer patients to our best. As you all are aware that we use Reiki grid for our distance healings, and infuse Psychic surgery, Kinesiology, EFT, PSI and Theta healing science in our healing process.

We are now accepting Reiki healing requests for  Cancer patients, for as low as USD 5 for every 21 days of healing cycle. Those who can pay more can pay more too. The payment can be made using PayPal or bank transfer payment mode. The details for both are available on this site itself under category

You all can also chose any other way or energy exchange, suitable and accepted by you, as I am free to accept anything for the healing. I need the recent or latest photograph, birth details, current location, test reports by mail id We will be giving Reiki healing twice a day for 21 days and will continue if are asked. We will discontinue the healing if you chose to discontinue or for some other reason. I am sure that if we are unable to help much, at least we will be able to ease the pain off from our receiver and will help in an easier passage in their journey. We will however only work for burning their blockages and bring them back to their normal routine life as needed.

I would like to see you all happy, alive and very much in this worldly life, spreading love and light around.

Thanks to you all for your time, love and blessings.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain