Reiki healing for better sales Soma fedex shipping, Soma shipped c.o.d. Fellow energies, we are thankful for your so many emails and phone calls, in which you are sharing your personal experiences with Reiki energy and are willing to share them here. We are pleased to see so may of you who are using Reiki energy in clearing different blockages with success and are also sharing it for others to learn. I can understand that you want your privacy to be maintained and I promise you that it will be done as asked, and therefore I am trying to edit them and sharing here.

order soma with no prescription Yesterday evening, we got an email from our fellow Reiki healer from Hamilton, Canada in which she wanted to share her experiences with Reiki symbols and Reiki energy here. She is working as a tele caller that also has to do some sales on her phone call to the local people. Her service is really a tough job, since continuous talking with a happy positive tone and explaining every small detail is tough for anyone. She is a single housewife, and she has done her level 1 and level 2 learning from an European Reiki Master, so have been following him since than. Due to recession, she was finding it difficulty in getting new sales and her product was an expensive one, making it a pile of ice, too hard to break. She contacted her Reiki Master for some help, but he was on some project, so was unable to contact or communicate with him. She was than one day searching on internet about Reiki Healing ways and different Reiki experiments, when she came across our blog and several others. She than took print outs of the Reiki symbols Vasudha and Apta Reiki symbol, along with Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki and Master Reiki symbol Dai Koo Myo.

She emailed her Reiki Master to attune her for level 3A, and inform her for the time, when she should be prepared for receiving it. She wanted to use more Reiki symbols and want to work on her sales improvement, since her job was on stake, if she was unable to achieve her sale targets. The reply came after a week and the day, time was set for the attunement, but her Master showed his inability to send the notes for the course. She told him that she only need the attunement for that time, and notes she will take once he is back and is able to provide and in the mean time, she will do what she learned from internet.

She took the colored prints of the above Reiki symbols and kept it with her all the time, especially during her phone calls. She visualized all the Reiki symbols in their respective color and made a small piece of cardboard and on it, she printed all the Reiki symbols. Whenever she was about to take any call, she placed her other hand on the sheet or keep it close to her heart. She was happy to see that her sales started showing positive results, and she told us that her monthly target was achieved on 8th day of the month, so any further sale done on next 22 days will just add on her bonus. She was really happy to see this and tried this for further 3 months, to see if it really was Reiki Magic. Yes, she was right, as her sales were growing and were now easier than earlier and now she planned to write this email to us, for helping other fellow energies.

We are really happy and pleased to share this article and devote this Reiki healing to our Reiki teachers, Dr N. K. Sharma., Mrs Savita Sharma and Dr. Narendra Bharadwaj at Reiki Healing Foundation, Pitampura, Delhi. The credit really goes to them, as what we are today, is just because of them and it is their blessings on us which we keep shower on you all.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain