Reiki Healing for better performance by kids soma free overnight fedex delivery Reiki Healing for better performance by kids Buying Soma overnight delivery Fellow energies, it is long that we had been discussing about Reiki Healing for kids and their examinations etc. This time, we are going to tell you a little on how can we help them out perform or perform better and give an outstanding result in their showcase.

We had been talking to you about kids being a better receiver than other energies, since they are honest and are true to their heart. In other words, we can say that they have a clear Heart Chakra and Crown Chakram so they find it easy to accept and respond. Last month, I went to a shopping mall with my wife and kids, for a small shopping and outing. Since it was a weekend, some good games stalls were being installed and kids were happy to see them. They were expecting to have loads of fun as they will be able to play games or some contests there, as they happen usually on weekends.

After some shopping, we went in to get some foodies, as kids were being tempted for pizza and burgers. On the way, we saw some Chips company calling all kids for playing some small games and winning kids were to win a T Shirt of their brand and a sample pack for free. It was a good time pass for kids, and my kids were sure to get excited and were feeling thrilled. After some small briefing by the young man, my son stood up into the line for his turn, and asked me to do Reiki Healing, so that he can win the game.

I knew that he has been a good receiver as always, so I did made Reiki symbols on him for his success. I just made for his success and happiness in the game, and avoided to make anyone lose. After some sessions of the game, my junior son came first in the game and won the T shirt and the sample bag of Chips. It was really a comforting time for us all and especially my son. Later on, my elder son also participated and came second. I am here just going to tell you all just this that the kids are better receivers than others. I always do Reiki for good purpose and try to avoid doing Reiki for anything bad or to hurt someone. I have done Reiki for a small fun and amusement purpose and I avoid doing for things like lottery or any other negative thing.

Please excuse me, if someone from you take it bad for my Reiki healing for my son in winning game.

Thanks for being with me and helping me with your positive energies.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain