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Our seven Chakras
Seven Chakras

Last month, one of our friend came with his wife since she was unable to see clear. She was having a blurred eye sight and was having very weak vision. She had been having a high blood pressure and was in too much of stress for her family’s financial and emotional reasons.

This was one of a difficult Reiki Healing for us, since we had never experienced such a issue and we knew that it would be a challenge for us. We all the Reiki Masters of our Reiki Energy Healers sat and discussed on how to perform the healing for her and accepted this task. We ask her to lie down in our Reiki Healing chamber on our Reiki Bed, charged with Crystals and other Reiki instruments. The Aura was already charged positive with the help of camphor lamp and olive oil candle.

We asked her to close her eyes and try to just visualize white light and pay attention to our words. We than started healing her Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus and Brow Chakra. We than put a white color cloth over her eyes and place our hands over her three Chakras. We tried to place our palms in such a way that whole area of palm was locked and was airtight. After placing it for about 10 minutes, we removed our hands and after sometime, asked her to relax and open her eyes. We also gave her a glass of hot water, charged with Reiki symbols so that the Reiki energy may travel into her whole body and reaches her eyes and all the three Chakras.

We asked her to visit us for every alternate day and have at least 10 visits for the healing. It was relaxing for us as in her 2nd visit only, she was feeling better and her eye sight was seen to be improving. She came in the third visit with some gifts and a broad smile on her face, which cheered all of our fellow Reiki Healers. she had been a good receiver till now and it is about 7 visits from her. We are sure that she will be perfect in her next 2-3 more visits and than she can led a normal lifestyle.

We are really obliged to have you all here for helping us in our this new and challenging healing.

Love and Light to you and yours


Vineet Jain