Reiki healing for backache and hypothyroidism

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Today, again we are sharing this lovely article by our fellow Reiki Master Diana Gabriela from Romania, who has been very active healer since past sometime.We are sure that you will like her article and will try to follow too, so we would like you all to shower your blessings to her, so that she can continue her life using Reiki and live a happy life.
Namaste gurujee
Again me my fellows energy and my Reiki teacher Vineet Jain told me to write about a successful healing done. I can’t talk about a big and complete healing done but can only talk on how Reiki changed my life and improved others life by performing little by little Reiki healing. Peoples in my life have most of them chronic diseases, from joint and back pain to heart diseases. Myself as I also have hypothyroidism. Using Reiki energy since sometime I can say that our condition improved for sure. For example a hypothyroid patient deals with fatigue with weight gain and other symptoms. Since I do my self Reiki session everyday and sometimes also am unable to complete this session I can move better, I can wake up without problems in the morning, I can do my everyday work. More if with Reiki healing what ever kind of healing it is (touch healing, distance healing, healing by visualization through eyes) works good if we use some stones or crystals to enhance the healing and the result is better. Gemstones should be indicated by a professional but also if we know which stone is good for which Chakra it works. Never use more then one stone at once for each Chakra. Believe me I tried to use for each Chakra 3 stones that are said are good for those Chakras and I received first a big energy in my whole body but for long term was a big disruption. Coming back to how Reiki improved my thyroid condition I can say that my thyroid is becoming little by little to normal. I mean her dimensions are not so big and my left side thyroid is okay. I just need to work more to correct my right side too. Blood analyses are okay. I would like to tell you that I didn’t improve so quickly because the truth for being a Reiki practitioner one should change his life style and I didn’t changed too much. One should live a healthy life with veggies and fruits predominance, lot of water, exercise. I mean for someone in my situation. That is why I am still not perfect healthy at least that is what I think. Although I continue with Reiki sessions at least in the morning.
Now if we want to talk only about an organ healed or improved for example the thyroid I began as always with cleansing Chakras and lot more time the throat Chakra. Then I visualize my throat in white and golden colour. I draw my three symbols Cho Ku Rei, SeiHei Ki and Dai Koo Myo. Only these 3 if I am in good condition,because if I am near to an allergy or some flu or cough I use also the combination of Cho Ku Rei and Motor Zanon to throw out bacterias and viruses. Also I use that symbol from the Violet flame Reiki to cleanse the thyroid and the third eye. When I work my thyroid I always keep in mind all my throat because I believe that whole throat should be okay to get a good thyroid. So visualization and affirmations without ‘no’ and ‘not’ for the whole throat including spine. Sometimes I have to deal with black impurities. This ones have to be removed and the truth is impurities remove should be done first by using light and fire symbol.Then the 3 symbols and not forget Johre. That is also useful. The same Zonar. Also¬† remember Apta and Vasudha Reiki symbols. Having a healthy throat improve also communication and communication improves life.
Yesterday an old woman complaint about a back pain. I asked her for permission to put her in good condition. She said no because other times before being okay she got big pain in whole body after treatment. I said okay and than made several times energy exchange with that woman and she helps me so I thought I will try to do something. I didnt touch her. I visualized her back and I saw impurities like a steel bar. I put the bar out by mean of affirmation light and fire symbol to cut the bar in pieces and I continued visualizing her back. I tried to clean her Chakras but only by showering her with light from the Crown Chakra until to the Root Chakra nothing more. I visualized the symbols on her back and my hands put on her back. When I have got clear image so that I could think she is ok I payed gratitude to superiors and disconnected. After some minutes I asked her how is she. She said I am fine. She has also hearth problems. How many peoples with hearth operation and at 80 years old can work and walk like her. I tell you not too much.
So fellows energy I can say that really Reiki is improving life. If you don’t get results from the beginning think that, that happens for a reason. Either it is an old disease, you have it since so long time or sometimes it is God’s will. Always peoples get relief at least and improve their life when they are not completely healed. What is more important then have a good health condition and when this is not possible at least not have a miserable life. Always an improved condition is better then a miserable life full with pains and distress. I encourage you all to learn Reiki and improve your lifestyle.
That is all for today 
Thank you God,Saints Christ,Ganesha,Lakshmi,Shiva,Parvati and teachers for all the help you gave me
Thanks Gabriela for your nice and such a enlightening article and am sure that it has a lot for us to learn. However, I would suggest you to avoid using ‘no’ and ‘not’ from your articles as well. Thanks to you and to yours.
Reiki blessings to you all and yours.
Vineet Jain