Reiki healing for autoimmune disease of kids

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all to see your overwhelming response on our earlier article, where we discussed about Reiki healing of autoimmune diseases. However, we are getting many more emails now, which asked us that if our life style and food is the main cause for giving damage to our immune system, but how do kids get them. It really made me feel sad when I realized that I had forgotten this point, since there are many infants and small kids, suffering from these autoimmune health problems.

As we have discussed and stated in our articles that it is our own fault and our own life style causing the damage of our metabolism and immune system. Similarly, the parents are to be told as responsible if the infants or kids are having any of such autoimmune disease. Before pregnancy and after pregnancy, till the birth and than till the baby is on breast feeding, mother must take a proper healthy food. Junk food or any kind of alcohol or negative food can only be taken occasionally or if they find it unable to avoid for some parties or social gathering. However, we always condemn use of any kind of junk food or which could be bad for our immune system. Even if we need to take any kind of medicines, the dosage should be light and have very low effect on the immunity or baby.

Similarly, the father of the baby should also stay away from any junk food, alcohol, smoking or any other negative consumption. Many parents think and feel that it is only the concern for the mother, while as per our past experiences and information, both the parents are responsible for the health of the baby. In some countries, mothers started watching spiritual videos or play good, spiritual music, since they want their kids to hear and watch through them and be like them too. However, along with watching or hearing these good and positive energies, we should also take healthy and good meal, think and act positive too. We must understand that even in the womb, the baby is effected and able to sense every action we take and every moment we live. The parents are advised to avoid any kind of differences or argument in their personal relationship. The babies always witness to everything that is witnessed by either of the parent. Therefore, we all must keep this in mind and should act and behave with what we want our future generations to be.

If we want our future generations to be healthy, positive and energy which always is doing good karma, is always happy and for this, we must do good. We see some kids with some severe autoimmune health problems like Autism, Polio, defect in eyes, bodies or have diabetes, thyroids, depression or any other health issues. We must understand that most of these health blockages either come due to the bad relationship of parents, or from either of parent as inheritance. We all must however see to it that what we are giving as a gift to out new generations, and we should try to give them a good health, good etiquette, manners, respect for others and what all is to be given. 

Giving Reiki healing to kids with such blockages is really tough and a hard job, as in we need to give Reiki healing to the kid, along with their parents. Most of the kids with autoimmune disease are found to have differences or issues among their parents, which need to be resolved. I remember one such case, when one of my friend came with her stammering daughter for Reiki healing, and we found out the issues and problems of my friend with his wife. We asked them to avoid any kind of argument or personal issues, and must make efforts to repair their personal relationships. It was really nice to know and share with you all that now, their relationship is a lot better, and their daughter won the first prize in a school singing competition, last year. For giving Reiki healing to kids, we can use Reiki symbols like Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Zonar, Zohre, Apta and Vasudha. We are advising the use of Reiki Master symbol Dai Koo Myo, since it has enormous energy, and kids need only soft and emotional energies, so we should only give light and soft energies to them. However, while giving Reiki healing to their parents, Dai Koo Myo may be used for sure, since the blockage could be immense. The best way to heal such blockages is using Reiki grid to send Reiki healing energy, since we need a continuous flow of Reiki energy to the receivers.

I am sure that you all are able to understand the root cause of these autoimmune diseases and how to do Reiki healing for such health blockages. Any of you, if feel like something more could be added, please send me your kind suggestions, which I would love to add in my other article. I am thankful to my friend and fellow Reiki energy in Romania, who suggested me to work on this article and am grateful to you all for your approval and acceptance.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain