Reiki Healing for Autism Soma without doctor rx Reiki Healing for Autism Soma free consultation Fellow energies, we are thankful for your emails, asking suggestions and remedies for various issues, and are really happy to solve most of them. We know that at times we are unable to provide any immediate solution, but we always try to work on the Reiki Healings asked. We also try to perform certain experiments, before giving any solutions, since we know that Reiki always works and want them all to get positive results.

buy soma prescription From last week or so, we have been getting suggestions on how to heal Autism kids, using Reiki Healing techniques. For this, we asked on of our friend to search for a child with Autism, whom we can help and heal. We than talked to his mother to learn Reiki healing so that she is able to help us in our Reiki healings. Order Soma No Prior Script Overnight The child was about 6 year and was unable to talk or react well so we asked her to give proper Reiki healing for the food and fluids he take.We also advised to place his recent photograph in our Reiki Grid for continuous Reiki Healing. We also than asked her to do Chakra cleansing and healing by touch Reiki Healing. We also asked her to do some Chakra Massages, using olive oil and use Camphor lamp in her room. We also asked a few more things, since it was the first of its own type of case for us, we want to do it with our best. We asked her to use rock salt water sprinkle in all of her home, rock salt in their shower. We also asked them to use rock salt solution and lemon jar in their bedroom. We know that this all is a very costly affair, but we did just to see if all these efforts can be put to a good use.

We tried almost all we could do to give Reiki healing for this child. We did Psychic attack removal, Psychic surgery Reiki healing and Chakra healing, every alternate day till we got one small but positive news. The child was now able to speak small sentences in about 2 months of Reiki Healing. We are sure to give you some good news in coming months.

Thanks all for having faith on us and trusting our capabilities and Reiki Energy. 


Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain