Reiki Healing for a married couple

soma free saturday delivery Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your so much of love and light, which we are able to feel every day in our life. We are pleased to receive your love filled emails and comments, which have been helping us in our further path towards a better success. We are really happy to share these small, love and Reiki healing energy filled articles, and we really love to boost up the morale of our fellow energies as well.

Last month, we discussed with you all about a couple, who were talking of divorce and a final separation, but recently after only one cycle of 21 day Reiki Sati grid healing, things started to show improvement. We normally ask people to keep patience till the 2nd cycle of 21 day Reiki Grid Healing, but this one was really showing good signs in the first cycle itself. In the second cycle of 21 days, we were really happy and excited to see the good result and were waiting for it to share it with you all and our fellow Reiki Masters.

Today noon, we got a call from our friend who was really happy and excited to share his good news of uniting his beloved wife once again. He told us that his wife tore all the divorce papers in front of him and hugged him tight, crying a lot. She was really happy and positive to have his love for her and was able to understand our friend’s love and care. She than talked about all good and a positive future, about their future kids and some plan for a small vacation. It was really great to hear about them and when we shared this news with our fellow Reiki Masters, they all were really excited and all immediately ordered a big pack of sweets for all.

We are sure that Reiki energy will help us with many more good Reiki Healing news and our Reiki grid keeps on increasing on a regular basis. Our Reiki Grid has really been growing with the number of Reiki Healings we arrange on it, and are sure that it will help many more. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers, fellow Reiki Grand Masters and fellow energies.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain